Bosshanate of Ndezh-Bashy
Ndezh-Bashy Birleşik Emirlikler
Motto: "Uzun benim milletim yaşıyor"
Anthem: Bizim kalıtsal hac
Location of the Bosshanate (Cyan)
Location of the Bosshanate (Cyan)
Capital Urkusaray
Largest city Safirhir
Official languages Turkish, English, Persian
Ethnic groups Nengyat (42,3%), Rabdian (23%), Shainese (16,6%), Resian (12,1%), Negterran (6%)
Demonym Bosshanati
Government Federal, Presidential, Absolute
Atamalik naq Fatoush Washerum
Viceroy Raziqi naq Mobarek Al Laday
Legislature People's Council
• Total
527,829 km2 (203,796 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2314 estimate
• 2300 census
Currency Bankar (N#B) (TBB)
Drives on the left
Internet TLD .bnb

The Bosshanate of Ndezh-Bashy (Turkish: Ndezh-Bashy Birleşik Emirlikler), sometimes simply called the Bosshanate or the B&B, is a country located in the southwest end of the Island of Scransea, bordering Rajinate of Scransea to the east and sharing sea borders with Kingdom of Eanegr.

The B&B is federation of six viceroyalty (equivalent to principalities. Each viceroyalty is governed by by a hereditary viceroy who jointly form the Federal Council which is the highest legislative and executive body in the country. One of the viceroys is selected as the President of the Bosshanate of Ndezh-Bashy. The constituent viceroyalties are Urkusaray, Yavsuflar, Safirhir, Guduzar, Kishvana and Watagoniyah. The capital is Urkusaray, which is one of the two centers of commercial and cultural activities, together with Safirhir. Jivanaism is the official religion of the B&B, and Turkish is the official language.

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