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Botnian Sea is a body of water between continents of Swednorway, Tavastia and Colcarely.

  • Total Area: appr. 67 million km²
    • Proper: 57 million km²
    • Southwestern bay: 9 million km²
  • Deepest point: -4039 m MSL, 800 km east of Herngost, 2000 km north of Borano, 4300 km west of Karnas.


Connections to other seas[]

In southwest, Botnian is connected to the Agvenian Sea by Strait of Hauskara (width 350 km) and several smaller channels. In southeast, Botnian is connected to the Sea of Cymmene by Strait of Normaras (width 20 km)

In north, the Hapranian Archipelago is considered a border between Tornean and Botnian seas.