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Bradley John Nivens, Jr. (born 31 December 1973 in Portsmouth, St. George's County, New Cambria), known professionally as Brad Nivens is a New Cambrian comedian. He is a prominent fixture in New Cambria's burgeoning stand-up comedy scene.

Early life and career[]

Nivens was born and raised in Portsmouth, St. George's County. He is a 1992 graduate of Forest Hills High School in Portsmouth, and a 1996 alumnus of Keller College, from which he earned an Bachelor of Arts with Honors in History, with a minor in Creative Writing. Nivens spent six years as a staff writer (and later editor) at Spin magazine in Arvant, before quitting in 2002 to concentrate on his comedy career full time.

Nivens moved to Toronto in 2003 and trained with The Second City comedy group. He returned to New Cambria in 2005, and has toured extensively throughout both his home country and Atlantic Canada almost non-stop since. Nivens is a frequent guest on New Cambria Television's chat show Person to Person, and co-presented the 2008 New Cambria National Song Contest with Sarah Stanhope.

Drink driving arrest[]

Nivens was scheduled to present the National Song Contest for the second year in a row, this time with Jelena Jakupović, in 2009. On 7 December, just five days before the Grand Final, he was arrested for drink driving after crashing his car and failing a field sobriety test. New Cambria Television initially refused to comment, but then announced on 9 December that Noah Kavanagh would host the shows in his place. Via his official website, Nivens issued an apology, saying "I know there are a lot of people who were counting on me, and I've disappointed them all. I'm very, truly sorry."

Personal Life[]

Nivens is the eldest of six children born to Bradley John Nivens, Sr., and Anna Nivens (née Somers). His younger sister is Erica Christian, who is a member of the St. George's County Council for the municipality of Portsmouth.

He married Holly Bauer in 2001, but the two divorced in 2004. Their marriage produced no children. On 20 March 2009, Nivens married Josephine Collins, a professional dancer from New Brunswick. The couple divides their time between Arvant and Fredericton.