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The Shadow Ministry of Bradmarch consists of the senior members of the Liberal Democratic Party of the United Islands operating in that state. All the members of the Shadow Ministry are members of the Legislature of Bradmarch. The Shadow Ministry is led by the Leader of the Opposition, currently Shannon DeVere.

Current Shadow Ministry[]

  • Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Attorney General: Shannon DeVere
  • Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Treasurer: Reg Cole
  • Shadow Minister for Health and Education: Phillipa Diamond
  • Shadow Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Urban Services: Sharon Watts
  • Shadow Minister for Industry and Commerce: Peter McKay
  • Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations and Employment: John Vale
  • Shadow Minister for the Environment, Water, Resources, Tourism and State Development: David Bean
  • Shadow Minister for the Arts, Sport, Youth and Consumer Affairs: Peter Tuttle
  • Shadow Minister for Primary Resources: Janet Montgomery