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The Bradmarch gubernatorial election of 2008 will take place on August 8, 2008. The election will be held simultaneously with the Bradmarch legislative election, 2008. The ballot will elect the next Governor of Bradmarch, who will assume office on August 18.

Confirmed candidates[]

Gubernatorial candidates in Bradmarch are not permitted to stand as partisan political candidates. The election will therefore be fought between a number of independents. Candidates who have thus far declared their intention to stand are:

  • Dr. Ryan Stone, former Governor (1997 - 2000) and Presidential candidate in 2008 will seek to become Governor once more, he announced in a speech following the Presidential election. Stone is considered by many as the front-runner in the race since declaring his candidacy.
  • Rebecca Williams, Director of the Bradmarch Tourist Authority. Confirmed her candidacy on April 25.
  • Henry Clayburn, former Independent Senator for Bradmarch (1992 - 1995) and community activist. Clayburn, who is of Tanzanian parentage, would become the first black Governor of Bradmarch if elected.
  • Scott Jacobs, local councillor in Sergiocitta.

Potential candidates[]

  • Florence Roberts, an incumbent Georgeland Alliance Senator, was touted as a potential candidate in the wake of partymate Lois Daniels' election to the Presidency. Roberts would not be permitted to stand as an Alliance candidate, but would be allowed to stand as an Independent.
  • Will Brock, Independent state legislator. Said he was 'thinking' about running in February 2008.


  • Richard Fraser, incumbent Governor, has repeatedly stated he will not be a candidate. Fraser will turn 74 years old in 2008 and will retire from public life at the conclusion of his term.

Electoral system[]

The election will be the first in Bradmarch to use the instant-runoff voting system in which voters rank candidates according to preference. This system is also used to elect the President of Georgeland, the Governors of Capitalia and Long Island and members of the federal House of Commons. The system was mandated by legislation in 2006.