The Brikkstö Prefecture (Westlandic: Bяıжитӧ Пяᴍᴇᴍктля Brikkstö Prefektur) is a prefecture of Westland located in the North West of the country bordering Glastö Prefecture to the South and Vikunö Prefecture to the East and the Sevan Estruary to the North. It is smallest of Westland's prefectures in terms of land area, but is the most densley populated and urbanised of the prefectures containing Westland's capital and largest city, Brikkstö within it's boundaries. The prefecture has a total population of over 2.8 million. 

Brikkstö Prefecture is regarded as the economic, political, cultural and industrial heartland of Westland, containing the centre country's government and economic coordination, and the largest employment and education centre. The prefecture also contains Westland's largest industrial port at Avonbri. The city of Brikksto is the eight largest urban centre in Europe in terms of population. The prefecture is highly urbanised, with its main geographical features being the River Avon and the Avon Gorge. 


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