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Brock Carter Memorial Arena (often abbreviated BCMA) is a large multifunctional indoor arena located in Arvant, New Cambria. With a seating capacity of approximately 16,000, It is the largest indoor event venue in the country, though the National Indoor Arena in Southport will be larger upon its completion in April 2009. BCMA was named after the former head coach of Arvant's hockey team, Bramford "Brock" Carter. The Arvant Islanders hockey club has played there since the arena's opening in 1995.

Besides ice hockey, the arena features a range of arena programming, including professional wrestling, concerts, ice shows, family shows and other sporting events. It hosts approximately 130 events per year, drawing nearly 1.4 million guests annually. The Grand Final of the New Cambria National Song Contest has been held at the arena every year since 2004.


The BCMA opened in 1995 to replace the Arvant Auditorium, which was torn down the year before. The Islanders had played at the University of New Cambria's ice rink during the 1994/95 season. Construction of the arena was financed partially by the municipality of Arvant, partially by Isles Ltd., the organization that owns the Arvant Islanders, and partially by Keith Inman, a wealthy New Cambrian philanthropist. Inman donated approximately 28% of the total costs of construction on the condition that the arena be named after Brock Carter, and that naming rights to the arena could not be sold for a minimum of 25 years following its completion.