Broker State Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Lieutenant Governor
Arnold Ramsey, PRP
Seats 50
Political groups
     PRP (27)
     CP (16)
     LP (8)
Length of term
5 years
Meeting place
Broker Statehouse
Port James
State of Broker
The Broker State Legislature is the legislative body of the Atlion State of Broker. The Legislature exists per the Constitution of Broker, which establishes a governing system based on the separation of powers. Power is divided between the three "departments" of the state government: the executive (which is the Governor), the legislative, and the judiciary (which is the court system). Article 2 of the constitution outlines the duties and powers of the State Legislature. There are 50 seats in the legislature, thus, two Legislators for each county and independent city.


The Legislature is composed of fifty members, thus, two Legislators for each county and independent city, of which there are 25 in total in Broker. Legislators are elected for five-year terms. No person may be a Legislator unless he or she is over the age of sixteen and a resident of his or her elective jurisdiction for at least six months. Currently, Legislators are not limited to any amount of terms. Legislators receive approximately A$14,000 a year.

Members are selected in nonpartisan elections, thus, each county or independent city holds their single election every five years, which is managed by the Office of the Administrative Clerk of Broker. The official 'partisan' makeup of the Broker State Legislature is 27 Progressives, 16 Conservatives and 8 Liberals. Sessions of the Legislature take place at the beginning of every second month for two weeks.

Operation and positions

The Lieutenant Governor of Broker is the official presiding officer. The "unofficial", in some terms, presiding office is the Speaker of the Legislature, who is elected by his fellow Legislators. The Speaker presides over the Legislature in the absence of the Lieutenant Governor.

Several committees exist, most of which are temporary. The Oversight Committee is an example of a permanent committee, which oversees government affairs. The Committee on Legislative Affairs is an example of a temporary committee, which existed to decide upon the format and composition of the constitution.

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