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Bureaucratic Regime, an ancient space regime that ruled the galaxies from 5,000 S.A. to 30 A.C. Their great achievements were building temples and building for the government. They spoke many alien languages and Prosaic as their main dialect. The natives were called Bureaucrats, a member of an elite race of ancient humanoids. Their acts were known to be very cruel towards others. Until the Cyberitans came and wiped their army out with advanced spaceships called kill-divers.

History & Legacy[]

Little is known about their origins however their first king was named General Dorian Vespian (5500-5405 S.A.)

The Bureaucracy, was ancient empire that stretched throughout many star systems, and galaxies from the year 5,000 S.A. to 200 A.C. The Bureaucrats, were a humanoid species noted for their riches and pride. They were brutal and unjust at times, however they did made the galaxies civilized. Their niyantrana or "government" was lead by an ishvara meaning "lord" and a queen that is called a narri their duties were to rule their empire. The niyantrana was made up of a dhiranni or "governor" and the prince that is called a nandana . The dhiranni elects twelve officials called the yotsya'mana, and the nandana has to approve his choice first. The leader of a territory which is called a beyan, is ruled by a protector called a gilavi.

The Cyberitans wiped them out after a thousand year feud. The regime was therefore ended after all the turmoil.