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Cicheghoaste International Magnetic Levitation Railways (Cuopioan: Tiniveliti Sustmeti Lejuminerodadeiis Zicehuaste, Sonnend:Cikekhasete Goltinonkis Suttemkis Lejuviminrodokdejet) is currently the only company offering maglev services in Savonia.


CIMLR was founded by republics of Ardenjost and Cuopio in 1992. It was meant to connect the two republics effectively with magnetic trains, a thing that came true on March 3rd, 2000, when the maglev railway was opened between Ardenjost and Maseriz. The line was continued farther and the section Ardenjost-Sjondif was opened in 2003.

Under construction:

  • Maseriz-Tabesse, to be built by 2008
  • Tabesse,Cuopio-Sjesonalo,Cihelec, to be built by 2013

Under planning:

The existing line[]

24 trains go in both directions a day.


Sjondif, Ardenjost (00:00)

228 km

Potronik, Ardenjost (A=00:35) (B doesn't stop)

115 km

Ardenjost, Ardenjost (A=00:57) (B=00:47)

362 km

Lembod, Ardenjost (A=01:46) (B doesn't stop)

227 km

Laukea, Cuopio (A=02:20) (B doesn't stop)

224 km

Limdsa, Cuopio (A=02:54) (B=02:25)

142 km

Maseriz, Cuopio (A=03:18) (B=02:49)

Total: 1298 km


There are no customs, as Ardenjost and Cuopio have an agreement about free traffic between them.

The prize varies:

  • minimum: A-train, Potronik-Ardenjost = 11 ARD-marks 13 sadases
  • maximum: B-train, Sjondif-Maseriz = 86 ARD-marks 65 sadases

And the children's ticket (7-17) has 50% smaller cost.