Calienco or Independent Republic of Calienco (Caliencoanese: Independente Republica da Calienco, Portuguese: República Independente de Calienco) is a country located in South Europe on the Calienco Island. Calienco has an area 302 457 km2 and has 250 996 inhabitants. The capital is Alma Tarre. Calienco is a member UN, NATO, EU and Calienco Group. Calienco is divided into 5 Regions, 25 Tanterros (counties) and 125 Menteras (municipalities).


Early years

Calienco was established on January 1, 1994 by pro-National Party of Republic of Calienco govermnent with headed by Ruis İgresias Mendez. When almost all countries recognized the independece of Calienco. On May 6, 1994 the first presidential election took place. The winner of presidential election was Mendez. On June 1, 1994 the first parliamentary elections were held. The winner of parliamentary elections was National Party of Republic of Calienco.

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