California Republic
Flag of
Coat of arms of
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: "Eureka"
Anthem: tbd
Location of California (Green)
Location of California (Green)
Capital 2000px-Flag of Sacramento, California.svg.png Sacramento
Largest city 2000px-Flag of Los Angeles, California.svg.png Los Angeles
Official languages English
Ethnic groups White, Native, Asian, Black, Pacific Islander
Demonym Californian
Government Federal parliamentary republic
• President of California
Jerry Brown
Legislature Californian Congress
Congress of California
Independence from the United States
• Declared
12th May 2015
Currency Californian Dollar
Time zone Pacific (UTC-8)
Drives on the right
Calling code +154
Internet TLD .cal

The California Republic, more commonly known as simply California is a sovereign state in North America. It is bordered by Cascadia and Deseret to the north, and Sonora across the Gulf of California. Its capital city is Sacramento whilst its largest city is Los Angeles.

California is similar to many present-day North American states in its emergence from the early 21st century's global economic crisis. Alienation from the policies and decisions made by the United States federal government on the east coast of the continent along with a piercing desire for economic independence drove many states, including California to push for independence. During the process of North American Balkanization, California lost most of its territory south of Redding, but also gained Baja California from an equally shattered Mexico.

Due to conflict with its neighbour Deseret, California lost a large amount of territory that once belonged to it, particularly the majority of the Mojave Desert and everything east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. As a result, present-day California is isolated to the more populated areas along its coastline.





The 2008 economic crash sparked separatist sentiment across the content, based in disagreement with the fiscal policies of their central governments and a larger quantity of regionalism across North America. California was no stranger to this phenomenon.

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