The Canary Channel is a body of water located between Warren Island and Norman Island, the two islands that make up the country of Wringo. The Canary Channel is the location of Wringo's famous bridge, the Canary Channel Bridge-Tunnel, which spans the first one kilometer of both sides in a suspension type form, and then goes underwater to 92 meters below sea level, and uses seafloor interval bases to keep the tunnel under water.. At it's deepest point, the Canary Channel is 197 meters deep. The Canary Channel is the location of the Wringo's two primary cities of Warren City and Norman City.


The Canary Channel was formed from years of erosion onto the once connected island. Eventually, the Canary Channel was large enough that the two islands of Wringo, Warren and Norman, could be told apart from each other if viewed. The Canary Channel continued to grow, and by the discovery of the two islands, it had reached a length of 96 kilometers between the two islands. The construction of the Canary Channel Bridge in the 1970s helped the population of Wringo increased domestic unity between the islands, and made crossing of the Channel easier.


The Canary Channel is crossable with either air, car, or boat. Air travel across the the Channel takes 37 minutes, 43 in bad weather conditions. The Canary Channel is crossed by the Canary Channel Bridge, largest in North America, in which is takes about one hour to cross. Travel by boat takes 50 minutes to cross the Channel, and nearly an hour in bad conditions. The Channel Bridge was designed so that large ships could cross under it without the bridge having to lift and stop traffic.