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Capal City is a resort city on the shores of Capalar in central Selea. It is the third largest city in the Selea Republic and fifth largest on the continent. It serves as the major vacation destination for most of Selea. It is governed by the Committee, a group of members of the incredibly rich.


Capal City is unique among the cities on Selea in that it is a plutocracy. The ruling body is the Committee. The chairman of the Committee is always the richest person in Capal City and wields a large influence on the Committee's decisions.


Voting in Capal City is incredibly restrictive. Voters must meet 3 requirements:

  • The voter must be at least 21 years of age.
  • The voter must be an employee of the Capal City Corporation.
  • The voter must make at least ₰50,000 annually.

These restrictions result in a voting population of only 6,000 people.


About 80% of Capal City's economy focuses on tourism. The Capal City Hotel brings in ₰7.5 billion annually.

The remaining 20% of the economy resides in banking. The Selea National Bank is headquartered in the city, and about 75% of the coins in the Selea Republic is minted here.