Cape Bangor County is one of the eight counties of New Cambria. It is located in the west-central part of New Cambria Island, covering an area of 5,655 km2. The county was the first area to be permanently settled by Europeans, dating back to October 1612. It is New Cambria's second-largest county in both area and population, and also its second-most densely populated. Southport, New Cambria's second city, is the county town and largest city.

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Cape Bangor County consists of four municipalities, each of whom is governed by its own elected Municipal Authority. The head of each Municipal Authority is the Municipal Commissioner. To coordinate development and governmental aims throughout the county as a whole, the government-appointed County Administrative Board has its headquarters in Southport.


Rank Flag Municipality 2006 Population
1 SouthportFlag Southport 153,303
2 Darcyflag D'Arcy 127,643
3 Stsampsonflag St. Sampson 106,851
4 Breconflag Brecon 92,875

The original 1691 boundaries of Cape Bangor County included all of present-day Trinity and Stone Counties, plus the present-day municipalities of Jeđeves and Stowe. Stone County was separated from Cape Bangor County in 1862, and Trinity County was separated from Stone County in 1879. On 30 April 1970, Stowe was transferred from Cape Bangor County to St. George's County. On 30 November 1981, the northern portion of St. Sampson was separated into its own municipality, renamed Jeđeves, and transferred to North-West County.

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