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RTS Capital Power Company
Capco Station
Station statistics
Address Industrial Street SW, Koiwai
Green Line
Orange Line
Connections LBS Koiwai
Levels 1
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Parking none
Other information
Opened November 29, 2000
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Code A13
Owned by Koiwai Department of Transportation

Preceding station   RTS Koiwai   Following station
toward Defense
Green Line
Orange Line
toward Landover

Capital Power Company is an RTS Koiwai station on the Green and Orange lines. It opened on November 29, 2000, as a part of the first Phase of the RTS Koiwai system. It is located adjacent to the headquarters of the Capital Power Company Headquarters in southwest Koiwai. It was the southern terminus of the Green Line, until Southern Avenue was opened on April 19, 2010 during Phase V of RTS Koiwai.

Location and Layout[]

The station is located in what once was one of the most heavily polluted areas in the city, the Capital Power Plant. However, after the Pollution Control Act was enacted and clean electricity production was mandated, the area became much more hospitable, and green development in the area grew exponentially.

The station, being a terminus, has a diamond crossover for switching just north of the station. There are two tracks servicing the station, A1 and A2, with A1 being the southbound track towards Southern Avenue and A2 being the northbound track towards Cenmilcom.

Nearby Landmarks[]

  • Capital Power Company Headquarters