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RTS Capitol West
File:Capitol West.jpg
Station statistics
Address 100 West Ivalice Square NW, Koiwai
Blue Line
Capitol Transitway
Levels 1
Platforms 2 side platforms
Tracks 2
Parking none
Other information
Opened December 21, 2009
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Code D04
Owned by Koiwai Department of Transportation

Preceding station   RTS Koiwai   Following station
Blue Line
Preceding station   Capitol Transitway   Following station
Terminus Capitol Transitway
House of Representatives
toward Clancy Office Building

Capitol West is a RTS Koiwai station on the Blue Line, opened December 21, 2009. One of two stations located directly on Ivalice Square, it is the most secure station in the RTS system. Consisting of two exits, the north exit is an unsecure general use exit, while the south exit, intended for Diet Members and their staff, consists of a security checkpoint complete. Only persons with Diet identity cards are allowed through the south exit, which leads to the Ivalice Diet-Capitol Transitway.

Location and Layout[]

The station is located across the street from Ivalice Square, about one block west of the National Diet Building, which contains the Ivalician House of Representatives and Ivalician Senate. It is also four blocks north of the Koiwai Stock Exchange.

The station has two side platforms, with the north/eastbound platform serving track E1 towards Federal Center NE south/westbound platform serving track E2 towards Summerfield.

Nearby Landmarks[]