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Capitol of the Allied States
Allied States Capitol (NBC)
The Capitol from the North.
General information
Location Capitol Block, New Bay City FAC, Texas, Allied States
Status Complete
Constructed 2009 - 2011
Opening 2010
Use Government
Technical details
Floor count 5
Companies involved
Architect(s) Jake Lambert
Owner Government of the Allied States
Flag of the Allied States of America
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Pre-Allied States
United States
Declaration of American Independence
Separation Day
Government of the Allied States
Constitution of the Allied States
Law and Justice in the Allied States
Timeline of the Allied States

The Allied States Capitol is the meeting place of the Senate of the Allied States, the legislature of the Federal Government of the Allied States. Located in the New Bay City Federal Administrative Center, it is located in the Capitol Block, and is surrounded by the Capitol Gardens. The building's size and arhitecture resembles that of the old Capitol of the United States, however, the building is a few yards longer than the US Capitol building was, and has a larger plot.


The Capitol of the Allied States was located in Houston, Texas, up until 2010, when it moved to the newly constructed New Bay City. The old Capitol was too small to accommodate the entirety of the Allied States Senate, and the City of Houston needed a city hall, thus, the building was returned to its previous use. The building was completely finished in mid 2011, when the Eastern and Western Wings were expanded.


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