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Carrie Molina (b. May 15, 1970) is a Georgeland politician, representing the seat of South Emilypolis in the Georgeland House of Commons. She is a member, and deputy leader, of the Rally for Freedom. She previously represented the seat as a Conservative from 2005 to 2016.

Molina was born in Emilypolis to Guillermo Molina, a Mexican-born plumber, and Gina Hubert, a Georgeland-born nurse. She was educated at The Scottsford School and the University of Scoita, from which she graduated in 1992 with a business/law degree. After a period working for the state civil service, Molina worked as a legal consultant and later owned an accountancy firm in Emilypolis. In 2005, Molina was selected as the Conservative Party's candidate for South Emilypolis and was elected, defeating the Liberal Democrat incumbent, Owen Garner.  Molina served on the Legal Affairs, Privileges and Healthcare committees during her first two terms in Parliament. A member of the party's right-wing, Molina was made Chair of the Legal Affairs committee in 2007, and Second Deputy Chair of the Joint Committee on Social Affairs. A strong opponent of LGBT rights and a climate change skeptic, Molina's at times caustic exchanges with civil servants during committee hearings became somewhat well-known among political watchers and she was regularly touted as a potential minister or party leader.

In 2010, when the Tories lost office, Molina served on the front bench of James Bradford as Shadow Minister for Justice, but was dropped from the position in 2012 after comments she made concerning domestic violence campaigner Linda Arnold. Molina, in an interview, had referred to Arnold as "an hysterical, sobbing woman of questionable judgement". Bradford sacked Molina as a shadow minister and she was removed from some of her committee assignments. Molina made headlines again when in 2015 she referred to the Syrian Civil War as "flooding the West with ISIS sleeper agents" and suggested the 16,000 Syrian refugees accepted by the government were "a terrorist attack waiting to happen." 

In 2016, Molina was defeated in South Emilypolis by Thomas Djindic, the Georgeland Alliance candidate, suffering a 4% swing against her. Molina returned to the private sector but continued to recieve employment as a political commentator on television and in the press. At the snap election of 2017, Molina was again the Conservative candidate but failed to regain the seat, with Alliance preferences electing David Garcia of the LDP. In May 2019, she ran for the seat as an Independent after Garcia's resignation, but attracted only 2.2% of the vote. 

In 2019, Molina was announced as the Rally for Freedom 's candidate for her old seat, which she won at the general election. She was elected with 31% of the primary vote, winning the seat with preferences from the National Front.  In the new parliament, Molina was immediately elected as Rally's Deputy Leader and spokesperson for finance, business and tax policy.