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The Cascadian Casnara (₡) is the official currency of the Republic of Cascadia. The Casnara was created as Cascadia's currency in 2004, and its value ramped up until stalling at about .80 US Dollars per Casnara. Today, the Casnara sits at .814 US Dollars per Casnara. The Casnara can be broken down into 100 certs (¢) total. The Casnara is printed by the CCPA (Cascadian Currency Printing Agency).

Coins and Banknotes[]

Coins for the Cert (₡m)were agreed on and minted. There would be 1 cert, 5 cert, 10 cert, 25 cert, 50 cert, and 1 casnara coins minted in either Seattle or Vancouver.

Banknotes were also created: 1 Casnara, 2 Casnara, 5 Casnara, 10 Casnara, 20 Casnara, 50 Casnara, 100 Casnara, 500 Casnara, 1000 Casnara, 5000 Casnara and 10,000 Casnara notes were issued and printed. 1000, 5000, and 10,000 Casnaras were printed 1/10 the rate of the others and the 500, 100 and 2 Casnaras were printed at 1/2 the rate of the others.