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Cassiopeia , a terrifyingly large gas planet , over eighty times larger than Earth .

The Cassiopeian Empire , with its official name being known as the Great Cassiopeian Ascendancy , was the ruling governmental body of the planet Cassiopeia from 1344 until its dissolution in 2023 , ruling for 679 years before its collapse . It was a state of rule led by Zoralia Starlight as the planet was taken

over under its fascist rule .Under ruling of this state , all aspects of citizen livelihood was in control of the government , ( as the indication of this state was dictatorial in nature ) . The conceit was that this empire was made to control the Supercluster , a massive group of galaxies and the like that makes up the nearby celestial neighborhood . This however proved to be difficult , as the planet had no sort of militaristic power capable of such a feat . As a compromise , the Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies were to be under strict reign in order for technological advancements to make the ultimate goal possible .


The Empire's Flag .

Mars , one of the planets under the regime .

On May 12th , 1344 , Zoralia Starlight was appointed as the Minister of Arisa by former Queen Amilita , the Head of State at the time . At this time , the Ascendancy Party grew exponentially in popularity , with propaganda speeches and postings erected amongst the people in terrifyingly high numbers , essentially eliminating any sense of competition , and was elected into power in September 22nd 1344 , with Zoralia Starlight at the party's center . Queen Amilita was retired on December 12th , giving the second highest head of power ( The Minister ) the status of Monarch . On December 14th , 1344 , Zoralia Starlight had gained the power of Monarch , and began to destabilize the other sectors of authority , intently taking them and merging them with one another , assimilating their laws and tarnishing them . The change of the laws that held the country at the time was swift , with many meetings and groupings within late December used to turn the authority over to the Monarch . After a consolidation meeting on December 25th , 1344 , Zoralia had confirmed her authority as Dictatorial Monarch and began a swift expulsion of other territorial laws , essentially taking over most of the surrounding nations until full planetary annexation occurred . Due to this absorbtion , the overall status of the empire risen and became initially stable . The average citizen was employed and massive funding in celestial and terrestrial military power was spent . Infrastructure as well as infant colonies on other planets had been repaired and strengthened in rapid succession . In 1345 , voting and elections were banned , with leaders being chosen from the only remaining heads of authority from the pre-1344 era , the Greater House , and the Lesser House ( now named the Upper and Inferior Houses respectively .) The laws of state as they were had been tarnished , with power becoming word upon word with Zoralia's person . The Minister , Reslaph Torran , had made effective use of propaganda with televisions , smartphones , radios , the interweb and rallies . Oratory speeches were in their peak in 1347 after the Aula County resignation treaty , which led Aula County as a new addition to the Empire's territory . As a member of the Intergalactic Commune , The Ascendancy made increasingly aggressive and violent requests and demands for territorial expansion within their planetary system , often threatening to leave the Commune if these demands were abandoned or left ignored . After several permissions were validated by pressures , the Korani Belt , an area of many small planetoids were absorbed into the territory . Cassiopeia then seized Klavius 7 , a planet claimed by many Cassiopites and was taken without altercation due to the extreme liking

each power had for the other . A rather unprecedented spread and conquest was intake as within the first several years of annexation , 12 planets were now under the militaristic control of the regime . In the last sector of the 1350s, the Ascendancy occupied the Great Diamond Authority's colonies as fueling stations , later given to them as a peace treaty . It was at this time that the authority was rather young and had only acquired 30 or so planets . Shortly after, Cassiopeia pressured Livia into ceding their solar system's territory. Cassiopeia signed a non-aggression contract with them as they spread into the further reaches of their system and invaded Mars on September 30th 1359 . By early 1371, Cassiopeia had controlled a considerable portion of the Milky Way . Extended allied arms of authority at the Gem Homeworld took control of the Ascendancy -conquered areas and a Cassiopeian reign was established on it .Cassiopeia absorbed the materials , labour and technology of both its annexed planets and its territories . Mass murder of the poor was then initiated in the regime. Starting in 1379, hundreds of thousands of Cassiopeian citizens with mental or physical disabilities were murdered due to their outstanding need of a workforce . This genocide resulted in roughly 3 million poverty - stricken citizens being killed .


The most important matter the Ascendancy confronted was the massive unemployment boom after their start to conquest .The second monarch in power , Servius Alinkan created a tactic for under-work financing and currency in May 1470 . Capital projects were paid for with the intention of new currency units that came with a major project , the Transportation Hub .

In October 1473, an elite member of the Inferior House was insured with a major contract on Cassiopeia . In alliance with other finance manufacturers and workers under the direction of The Diamond Authority, production was increased shockingly . From a workforce of only 45,000 people producing 5000 units per year in 1462, the group grew to employ 500,000 workers manufacturing over 10,000,000 advanced aircrafts and military-grade weaponry annually in a four month period . Servius encouraged the development of synthetic replacements for materials such as steel and textiles. As the market was experiencing a blow and prices for such were low, in 1473, the government made a profit-sharing agreement with The Diamonds guaranteeing them a 19 percent return on investments in their synthetic material mines on Mars . Any profits in excess of that amount would be turned over to the Acendancy . By 1475 , The Diamonds regretted making the deal, as excess profits were by then being generated. In another attempt to secure an adequate supply of material , Cassiopeia intimidated Venus into signing an exchange deal in February of 1479.

The Towers in 1889

The Miri A. Pescunia Complex ,circa 1489

Major public works projects financed with spending in the construction of a network of highways and providing funding for programmes initiated by the previous government for housing and military improvements. To stimulate the finance industry, credit was offered to private businesses and entrepenuers were made available for purchases and repairs in exchange of money . On the condition that the people would leave their homes and businesses , a loan of up to 1,000,000 Andirs could be accessed by those that complied .

The complex under construction .

Envisioning widespread military ownership as part of the new empire , Servius arranged for designer Miri Pescunia to draw up plans for the new Finance Center that would be constructed in the center of Aula County . A prototype of the complex was shown in Aula County on 17 February 1480. With the outbreak of resistance on Homeworld , the complex was accepted as it was the cheapest and most efficient design brought forward .The complex was constructed in 1482 and completed in 1487 , and were the tallest buildings on Cassiopeia , consisting of nine buildings , two of which twinned each other and stood at a height of 2,009 . The construction and involvement brought in a shocking 400 million workers in Aula County , diminishing unemployment by 78% by 1490 . The complex was leased to Miri Pescunia in 1491 as a commercial-residential complex , resulting in a poverty drop of 34% .