Cata Flag
or Republic of Cata is a nation in the Catian sea. Consists over 100 islands and the middle of Ruct continet. The Cata was Explored around year 2711 and was settled around the year of 2723 by Romolons from the nation of Romo.


Cata is Rougley 1200 miles wide and 550 miles tall.


The Islands are no biger than 78 miles long and consists of Rockey Shores or Cliffsides and most of the islands have Volcanoes.


Ruct is heavily Forested and the Southren Glaciers left moutains and boulders 30,000 years ago.



Cata was explored around year 2711 and the explorers discovred giant stone pilers that makes a triangle but no one knows where they came from they call it Cata Stones. No Perminent Structure was built till 2723.

Romo Rebellion

After 59 hard years for the colonuists they rebeled from Romo.

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Founding Of Cata

The Rebels during the war created the Nation Cata and decieded that they will be independent from any nation. Later they decided the govement will be a Republic.

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Cata is Divided into regions and each region there is a Repsentive and they all have a meeting to decide Nation Laws while the repsentive is in charge of all the local repsentives and they create the regions laws.The nation repsentive makes sure the regional repsentives are doing good and is in charge of foreign relations.


Cata has one major road and that is Cata Route One they also has Cata route two .


The econmy at Cata is a very keen and strong econmy. theyre Currency is the Dics . The most major companys is the C.A.C or know as Cata All Company .


The Cata military Consists of five miltary branches:

The Cata is great Allies with Mapa and Harvest. they allow military access in the nation.


The Population of Cata is 529, 700,00 people living cata according to the Cata Census .

The Major Cities with their population is

Bedoye 30,300,000
Taran 58,700,000
Amade 10,900,000
Usun 40,800,000
Angofre 30,000,000
Amim 60,000,000
Batey 65,900,000