Garbaterra is the sixth planet from the Joras, and the densest and fifth-largest of the eleven planets in the Endlev System. It is also the largest of the Endlev System's six terrestrial planets. It is sometimes referred to as the world, the Green Planet, or by its Latin name, Viridis.

Its is a world inhabited by human race, with one dominant state - The United Kingdom of Great Paangoon - controls most of the realm.The "GIF" (Garbaterra International Force) keeps peace between states. Prosperity in the economic field is uneven, rich miners rarely help groups of farmers that are mostly poor. War occurs in other parts of the world, where small states fight for land and resources.

Time system

Earlier in this project, the "current year" is determined directly by Samzkrenz. Starting from 1 August 2014 (real life), the time is determined by the formula: One Real-life Day equals One In-story Month, therefore Twelve Real-life Days equal One In-story Year.

Starting from 17 August 2014 (real life), the time is determined directly.

Current year

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