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Caucasus Armed Forces
Founded: 1990
Current form: 2009
Headquarters:. Tbilisi
Commander-in-Chief. Mikheil Kostava
Minister of Defense Boruss Jeknokovi
Military age 17-35
Active Personnel 75,000
Reserve Personnel 120,000
Fit for military service 1,056,001
Available for military service 1,454,024
Budget 4,7 Billion Caucasus Lari

The Caucasian Defense Force, is the name of the unified armed forces of Caucasus. The CDF is a defense force consisting of the Caucasian Land Forces, Caucasian Coast Guard and the Caucasian Air Defense. The national defense policy aims which are based on the Constitution of Caucasus are to guarantee the preservation of the independence and sovereignty of the state and the integrity of its land area, territorial waters and airspace and its constitutional order. The armed forces of Caucasus are performed under the authority of the Caucasus Ministry of Defense. The main task of the CDF is to defend Caucasus as a whole, and does not leave the borders on a regular basis, as the organization is not strong enough to compete with most enemies.


Land Forces[]

The land forces of the CDF, commonly known as the Caucasian Army consists of 6 infantry and 3 artillery brigades, including some separate battalions, which are not part of the brigades. The land forces are commonly acting as the National Guard for Caucasus, and seldomly leave the country. The Caucasian Land Force consists of the following regular units:

  • 1st Infantry Brigade
  • 2nd Infantry Brigade
  • 3rd Infantry Brigade
  • 4th Infantry Brigade
  • 5th Infantry Brigade
  • 6th Infantry Brigade
  • 1st Artillery Brigade
  • 2st Artillery Brigade
  • 3st Artillery Brigade
  • Engineer Battalion
  • Signal Battalion
  • Medical Battalion

Air Defense[]

The Caucasian Air Defense is the air force wing of the CDF, and is commonly known as the Caucasian Air Force. It consists of two squadrons (50 aircraft). This branch is the smallest of the CDF, and is deployed abroad more often than the land or naval forces.

Ocean Guard[]

The Caucasian Navy is collectively known as the Caucasian Ocean Guard. The ships have Caucasus Ocean Guard, or COG as a prefix to the names. The Ocean Guard is tasked with the sole purpose of protecting the water around Caucasus, in the Black- and Caspian Sea. Because of both these seas being cut off from any other body of ocean, the Ocean Guard is never deployed abroad. The Ocean Guard has 30 vessels in total, namely the following:

  • COG Gori
  • COG Vale
  • COG Gagra
  • COG Gali
  • COG Oni
  • COG Aparan
  • COG Talin
  • COG Vedi
  • COG Hatis
  • COG Jil
  • COG Azatek
  • COG Agsu
  • COG Zardab
  • COG Ganja
  • COG Azat
  • COG Shaki
  • COG Barda
  • COG Gay
  • COG Nizami
  • COG Oguz
  • COG Lerik
  • COG Arzni
  • COG Tlik
  • COG Tsav
  • COG Ujar
  • COG Quda
  • COG Fuzuli
  • COG Goris
  • COG Lankaran
  • COG Keti

Ships in service:

  • Kiev class aircraft carrier - 1
  • Akula class submarine - 2
  • Kara class cruiser - 2
  • Udaloy class destroyer - 2
  • Kashin class destroyer - 2
  • Parchim class corvette - 5
  • Nanuchka class corvette - 5
  • MRTP-33 patrol/fast attack boat - 11

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