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The cavalry has always been a crucial part of warmaking for the Lein, a feature inherited from their old power base being situated in the northern plains to the south of the river Kiranava. As a result, after their reunification of the Empire, the Lein dynasty's army for the first time incorporated cavalry tactics into their army on a massive scale.

Before the dynasty[]

The original fief of the Lein family, when they served the Nar Dynasty as a feudal house, comprised mostly plains to the south and east of the river Kiranava, straddling another river called the Loruse; a large part of these lands, not very fertile or suitable for crops but good enough for an abundance of grass and grazing, was therefore used to rear horses.

Throughout the Nar Dynasty's history, and especially as its central authortiy began to decline, the Lein cavalry became increasingly prominent within the Empire as it defended both the Empire and its own territories from aggressors; on the fields of Talumze and Niros cavalry played decisive parts in the Lein victories, while the invasion of Lein by the neighbouring fief-state of Banten was also defeated with the heavy use of cavalry.