Central Plaza, Koiwai
Koiwai Central Plaza.jpg
Location Koiwai, Ivalice
Area 66 Acres
Opened 1658
Operated by Koiwai Department of Parks and Recreation
Annual visitors 15 Million annually
Status Open year-round

Central Plaza is a public urban park at the center of Koiwai, Ivalice. The 66 acre park was initially built as a part of the 1645 Brown Plan for the Ivalician Capital. The park has gone through several changes over its history, becoming the park it is today over several iterations. The park is managed by the Koiwai Department of Parks and Recreation.

Koiwai Plaza is built on sixty-six acres of land inside of the Central Roundabout, which forms the intersection of Elysian Fields Avenue and Ivalice Boulevard. It is 1709 feet long between Elysian Fields Avenue North and Elysian Fields Avenue South, and 1658 feet wide between Ivalice Boulevard West and Ivalice Boulevard East. Originally, the park was intended to be entirely natural, but most of the park today is landscaped. There are several walking trails, and an artificial fishing pond. Central Plaza is known for its award-winning flower gardens, which serve as a model for the many smaller "flower squares" throughout Koiwai. The National Zoological Park of Ivalice's downtown campus is located in the southwestern corner of Central Plaza.

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