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The Chancellor of Westland (Westlandic: Kaɴиa a Väитгaɴө Kansa a Västland) is the Head of State and Head of Government of the Westlandic People's Republic. The Chancellor is not directly elected, and is appointed by the Senior Appointments Committee made up of National Assembly members. Only members of the Socialist Party, or its affiliate parties and organisations are permitted to run for the position. Chancellors can run a maximum of three terms. 

While the Chancellor is both Head of State and Government, they do not hold sovereign power, which is vested in the National Assembly, the only body that is directly elected by the public. Westlandic politics puts more focus on the National Assembly rather than the Chancellor however, does have the power to set out the agenda of their Government and the Cabinet, and set out policies, and bills aswell as being in charge of Foreign Policy and the Commander-in-Chief of the Westlandic Armed Forces. The Chancellor also has use of the State Flying Service of Wesltand. 

Any citizen of Westland who abides by the qualifications of Office may run for Chancellorship without need for excessive funds or previous political experience. Those who wish to run must declare themselves, who are then interviewed by the Senior Appointments Committee. Atleast 20 members of the National Assembly must approve of a candidate in order for them to contest the election. Final candidates must then run their election campaign and members of the public vote for their preferred candidate for office. 

The role of Chancellor of the Westlandic People's Republic was created in the 1923 Consitution. The role of Chancellor had already existed during the time of the Kingdom of Westland, however was only the Head of Government under the Constiutitonal Monarchy. The role had existed since 1834. The current Chancellor of Westland is Oska Stärk, who is the youngest Chancellor to ever be appointed, at 29 years of age. Oska was appointed in February 2014 by the SAC. 


Any citizen of Westland may run for Chancellorship, as long as they abide by the following qualifications according to the Constitution;

  • hold Westlandic citizenship;
  • be atleast 18 years of age;
  • have not been convicted an ideological crime in their lifetime;
  • must be nominated by atleast 20 members of the National Assembly. 

Duties and Powers

Any holder of the Office of Chancellor of Westland holds the following powers according the the Constitution;

  • Head of State of Westland
  • Head of Government of Westland
  • Commander-in-Chief of the Westlandic Armed Forces
  • Direction of Foreign Policy, including the Negotiation of Treaties

List of Chancellors of Westland

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