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Channel 6 is the national name for a network of regional TV stations broadcasting universal content in Georgeland. Channel 6, like its counterpart Channel Twelve , has the same callsign nation-wide, and frequencies vary only slightly. Each state has its own nightly news bulletin, but otherwise Channel 6's content is identical across the country. It is known as "TV-6" in Santa Christina and "PAN" in Capitalia and Topstad.


Channel 6 is largely owned by Newcorp, through its Georgeland subsiduary company GeoNewscorp. The company owns a 52% stake in Channel 6, while the remainder is publicly listed.


While it is very much a part of Rupert Murdoch's media "empire", Murdoch and his inner circle do not regularly interfere with programming or editorial content on Channel 6.
The Chairman of the Channel 6 board is Robert Wolf, while GeoNewscorp maintains an active role in policy and practice at the TV network. GNC Chairman Pamela McEwen has stated in recent interviews that she would like to see GNC take a 'more active' role in the TV network's operations.