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Channeling allows people, called channelers, to work with any of the four elements. The idea of channeling is to serve as a target of attention for people who are ambitious enough to go searching for magic. All channeling is rather weak but still effective. Each requires the use of different styles of movements, in particular ways, in order to cast; higher-tier channeling requires considerably more practice. People dedicate an incredibly long time to mastering it. Aspects that require mastering:

  • Creating multiple effects
  • Creating larger effects
  • Creating effects faster
  • Recognizing others' movements and their effects
  • Responding to others' effects properly

Each of the four elements must be mastered separately. Because each requires a different style, it is particularly hard to master multiple elements.

Air Channeling[]

  • Push air
  • Move air - ie. move a glob of air through water
  • Zephyr
  • Gust of wind
  • Burst air down - allows one to be sent upward by blasting air downward
  • Streak of air
  • Deflect projectile
  • Fan self
  • Push object toward self
  • Wind blast away from self
  • Wind blades
  • Wind darts

Fire Channeling[]

  • Ignite
  • Heat up
  • Warmth
  • Embers
  • Fire balls
  • Fire bolts
  • Immolate self
  • Fire orb around self
  • Blazing trail
  • Deflect fire
  • Burn up projectile
  • Smokescreen
  • Fire on water - by floating the fire right above the water's surface
  • Wall of fire
  • Breath of fire

Water Channeling[]

  • Push water
  • Move water
  • Pull water from pond surface
  • Water orb
  • Chill
  • Freeze water
  • Extract water from ground
  • Extract water from the air
  • Purify water
  • Deflect water
  • Water blade
  • Ice bolt
  • Protective water sphere
  • Protective ice sphere
  • Wall of water
  • Wall of ice
  • Frozen shards
  • Vaporize

Earth Channeling[]

  • Push earth
  • Move earth
  • Extract objects from the ground
  • Sand blast
  • Mud burst
  • Cover in earth
  • Smoothen out sand
  • Filter
  • Wall of earth
  • Ball of sand
  • Blast sand from self
  • Protective earthen sphere
  • Extract dirt
  • Extract particles from ground