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In Georgeland politics, a Chief Minister is the leader of the political government of each of the states. Broadly, a Chief Minister can be considered a less powerful and localised equivilant to the Prime Minister of Georgeland, and has much the same brief in terms of political responsibility.

Historical usage[]

The term Chief Minister was applied to the leader of the Georgeland colonial government between 1825 and 1891, though it was sometimes used interchangably with "Premier". The job description was similar in many ways to that of a contemporary holder of the title; administering to internal affairs of the colony of Georgeland, while remaining under British jurisdiction. This title ceased to exist in 1891, when it was subsumed into the role of Prime Minister of Georgeland.

Contemporary usage[]

Each state has a very similar system of government, based on the Westminster system, under which the Chief Minister heads a government responsible to the state's legislature. The state Chief Ministers are each head of the political party (in one case a coalition) that controls a majority of seats in the legislature, either directly or through the support of minor parties (such as in Bradmarch and Long Island).
Chief Ministers are the de facto chief executive of their states, though each state also has a Governor in whose name this authority is exercised. Given the unicameral nature of Georgeland's state legislatures, this can lead to significant political power being wielded by state leaders.
Each state Chief Minister heads a Cabinet, which includes himself, and is drawn entirely from the state legislature. Only state responsibilities, such as health and education, are covered by these ministries; however, Chief Ministers regularly comment on issues of national concern, and play major roles inside their parties on formulating national policy.
Chief Ministers typically hold one or more ministerial portfolios in addition to their job as Chief Minister, usually because smaller legislatures means a smaller number of people to choose as ministers. For instance, the incumbent Chief Minister of Long Island, Victoria Englehart, is also her state's Treasurer (finance minister).


Lists of Chief Ministers[]


Colonial period[]

  • List of Chief Ministers of the Colonies of Georgeland (1825-1891)