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Christine Brenda Lind Bentley (b. 17 Aug 1970) is the wife of former Drake Islands President Russell Bentley and former First Lady of the Drake Islands. She is also a prominent attorney.

She was born in Glendale; her parents were Edwin Lind (an auctioneer) and Maria Bell. After being educated in parochial schools, she attended Loyola University in Glendale and Glendale University’s School of Law, graduating from the bar in 1996. She is currently a senior partner at the firm of Bergeron, Tupper, & Bentley.

Lind married Russell Bentley in 1998 in Glendale. She is a Roman Catholic.

In her personal life, she is a certified sommelier and has written several magazine articles on the subject of wine. She is also a classically trained soprano; in one of her last acts as First Lady, she sang as part of the encore segment of a concert of the Glendale Philharmonic Orchestra.