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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

Chapter 1: The Prince Gone Incognito[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 25%%
  • In the Citadel's High Court. An angry emperor presides over a meeting and demands to know why Altair still hasn't found a wife.
Altair sets his sights really, really high - coupled with his smarts, and that means finding a suitable wife is next to impossible.
  • Renin tries to calm them down but instead is threatened with loss of his title if Altair doesn't find a wife within the week.
  • Altair and Renin set out the next morning and walk around Originum (capital), but Altair fails to find a suitable woman.
  • Three days later, they teleport over to Irisfal, which is holding the vestal virgin search for all of northwest Ethaya.
  • Altair and Renin get a good spot; Altair 'tags' all the contestants, the search is underway, during which Qura is slightly scarred.
  • Altair meets up with all the chosen vestals one by one at "dates" without revealing his true identity. (Qura has been excluded.)
  • Altair isn't pleased by the chosen vestals. Renin obtains info on who all the contestants are, and they set off in search of them all.

Chapter 2: Turning of Age[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Flashback to 2 weeks ago (which lasts for a few chapters). Qura and Tyl are in a heated game of 'Magick'.
It's also one of children's favorite games - but frowned upon by parents who are worried they'll get 'ideas'.
  • Just as Qura is about to win, their parents berate them for playing Magick and end the party early. Tyl leaves.
  • Qura returns to studying Prismatic; she already knows the material well, has even begun developing mana for air magic...
Prismatic is the main religious tome of Lorica which sets social rules and is required for using air magic (priesthood).
  • Qura's parents have a talk with Qura about Magick, which quickly heats into an argument about becoming a Mage.
Qura argues that her dream is to be a mage - and talks about how she already has "it all planned out".
  • Sara also states that no one (most people) knows just what being a mage entails, while being a wife/priestess is obvious.
  • Teal prevents Qura from protesting and orders that Qura's free spirit must be subdued (by marrying her off).
  • Qura goes to sleep weeping over her powerlessness of being a girl in a male-dominated society, and being unable to escape.

Chapter 3: Brideshow[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • A day later Teal comes in saying he's already found Qura a husband, and the Elysants begin carting in bride-price.
  • Qura tries to resist. Furious, Teal punishes Qura via blood magic, then orders her to cook lunch and sew her skirt.
A skirt is a symbol of delicateness and Qura hates being forced to wear it. In reality it is also a symbol of the nobility.
After having seen what Magick (the game) has to offer, it's impossible for Qura to be content as a submissive wife.
Qura finds such work denigrating and futile, and Sara shouts at her when she works carelessly (thinking of Maging).
  • Shortly after lunch parents take Qura to the Elysants. She is afraid of being with strangers (and her future masters).
Qura had been told by Teal to behave or she would be punished, which is at odds with Qura's 'free' personality.
  • They start off by having Qura sing and dance for them. While Qura is embarrassed, Teal and the Elysants enjoy it.
  • Paul Elysant (the husband-to-be) tries to court Qura (who isn't responsive); her parents say she will adjust in time.
  • Then Qura is told to look after and teach the family's youngest, 8-year-old Nick Elysant, as her brideshow.
This takes the form of teaching basic algebra - something Qura has to teach herself before teaching it to Nick.
  • Everything being all right, the wedding takes place and Qura is bonded (submissively) to Paul via blood magic.

Chapter 4: A Taste of the High Life[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Within days it's apparent to the Elysants Qura doesn't enjoy her status as wife, but Paul doesn't want to harm her.
Instead, Paul challenges her to try surviving on her own after an argument about what what women 'should' be able to do.
  • Qura goes around looking for a job but doesn't qualify for any of them, b/c she's female, has no experience, and is weak.
  • The only job that works for her is as a local waitress. After a crash course she starts handling customers.
  • Qura lands herself an assignment to look after Darryl (a local admin and kleptocrat with bad tempers, and a womanizer).
  • Overhearing the customers, Qura handles herself very well and soon is tending after the officials (and learns their ways).
  • The officials play a game of chess. Qura, being very attractive, soon gets them teaching her how to play and learns quickly.
  • Qura is also made aware of the vestal ceremony happening in just one week, and decides to convince Paul to attend.
  • Next day her parents come in and immediately realize what she's up to. They tell bad lies about her to the boss, Qura protests.
  • Qura is punished for 'filial nonpiety' and fired. She returns in defeat to Paul and for the moment the Elysants think it's settled.
Qura spends only one day at the restaurant. Looking back she realizes that she can't be satisfied as a commoner either.
  • The Elysants over-tirade her and Qura finds her new family unbearable. She is made to teach Nick more algebra/geometry.

Chapter 5: Vestal Virgins[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • A week later Qura and friend Tyl arrive at Irisfal for the vestal ceremony along with Paul (who wants to see belles).
The vestal position is a third alternative for women to take (after wife hood and priesthood) and smiled upon.
  • Once they get there Qura tries to abandon Paul (whom she doesn't have much interest in) and participate in the ceremony.
The position requires perfect beauty and adeptness at air magic. Qura has both and wants to escape marriage this way.
  • At the first test Tyl is disqualified b/c she doesn't know air magic; Paul is stopped from entering for the virgins' safety.
Vestal virgins are given significant air-magic and water-magic powers, but women must be totally unmarred to become one.
  • Qura's exceptional beauty stands out as she lines up for the second (beauty) test. They are in plain view of the public.
  • Paul throws a rock at her, it bruises her, and Qura is disqualified. Paul then berates her for trying to abandon him. They leave.
  • Spirit not crushed, Qura decides to try waitressing again, this time at a restaurant in Iutarru, and gets off to a good start.

Chapter 6: Saphrona's Jewel[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 75%%
  • Shortly thereafter Altair uses true magic to locate Qura and enters (acting as a commoner) along with Renin.
  • Immediately they strike up an exquisite dialogue filled with hidden meaning. Qura has no idea that Altair is the prince.
Qura acts the way she does because she has had a good experience with the local officials and doesn't like her husband.
  • They then get around to playing a game of chess (also filled with hidden meaning). Altair totally falls in love with her.
  • Altair (a mediocre chess player) is defeated at the game and dejectedly ports to the Citadel (Renin is terrified).
  • When questioned by Jet, Altair claims that he's found his wife and will bring her over the next day (gray lie).
  • The next day Altair and Renin port back to the restaurant. Altair, finding Qura working in a backroom, play chess with her.
  • Altair reveals his dragon brooch (indicative of his royal status), which totally freaks Qura out, causing her to lose the match.
  • Altair spirits a stunned/terrified Qura off to the Citadel without Paul knowing about it.

Chapter 7: The Prince's New Bride[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 25%%
  • The entire time Altair and Renin fool Qura into thinking she's going to be executed for playing chess with Altair (a crime).
  • The Citadel rises out of Laga Originum with all its grandeur to welcome Qura's arrival to the palace.
  • Qura is brought over to the Citadel's wedding temple all the while thinking it is the execution stand.
  • Then suddenly, with a pleased Jet present, Altair 'rescues' Qura, who 'romantically' falls into his arms (before slapping him).
  • Qura is coronated a princess and enchanted with the hex-set Reginylgyna (which has several important functions).

Chapter 8: So You Want to Be a Mage[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Qura lays on her bed, totally stunned by what had just transpired, and wonders exactly what it's all about.
  • Qura, now a member of the royalty, gets treated as such, being given jewelry, a squad of handmaidens, etc.
  • Qura wanders around the Citadel, getting used to the place and learning about the royal family and royal high magic.
  • Qura meets Altair again and talk about this entire event while saying she wants to be a Mage. Altair says that's for princes.
  • Jet summons them, and assigns Altair to Probe the channeling Academy of Invara, and Altair orders Qura to come with him.
  • They fly all the way to Invara. Qura wants to get a crash course in magic but Altair refuses, saying it's not for her.
  • Qura gets into an argument with Altair moments after they leave the city. Qura ends up desperate to learn about it.
  • Qura tries to get away from Altair but he easily summons her back to him. Qura makes life unbearable for him.
  • Qura declares she doesn't want to see Altair again and will set off on her own. Altair lets her realizing she is adamant.
Right before she leaves, Altair teaches how to be safe (which is another term for a teleport spell); Qura doesn't realize it.

Chapter 9: Flight of the Clipped Bird[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Now deep in the woods, Qura is at peace with nature, feeling utterly free from parental rules and confines.
  • She arrives at the edge of a lake and, while taking a late-evening bath, finds a Pulsphere and gets blinded.
  • It's been hours of trekking and dark, so she starts a fire and eats; looking at her map dismays her (no progress).
  • Then she hears the sounds of wolves - ill omen in wild areas - and panics, running off blindly without her stuff.
  • Qura, terrified, gets chased up a tree by a pack of wolves. The wolves take turns watching. Qura makes to sleep.
  • Morning. The wolves are gone. She almost gets down - and they pounce back. A long wait ensues. Qura is hungry.
  • Seeing a campfire a long way off, she takes to screaming for help until she goes hoarse, uses Pulsphere as a beacon.
  • Richard (at the campfire) hears and comes to her aid. He easily dispatches of the wolves via channeling.
  • Richard was going to study at Invara Academy. Qura wants to join and together they go there, planning to study.
  • As they continue on their journey Richard starts teaching Qura the basics of channeling and basic moves.

Chapter 10: Invara Academy[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • They finally reach an inn at Invara just in time after two weeks of traveling, Richard being her all that time.
Qura now trusts Richard deeply for he has taken good care of her and even taught her to be okay at channeling.
  • They and many others register at the Academy the next morning. They take a quiz which determines their focus.
When asked who Qura is, she replies that she's a princess, which the registrar totally does not believe.
  • Before school begins, the principal urges the newcomers not to fight each other like every class before them did.
  • Qura's air channeling teacher Rigel is a nice lady and Qura instantly builds friendship with her. Richard is into earth.
The Academy's environment is very different from those in most towns; the students are free to do as they like.
  • The air channeling class practices wind dances. Qura makes quite a few friends who are also into air.
Qura is into air magic because it connects with her endless aspirations and dreams.

Chapter 11: Elemental Chemistry[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • That evening a fight breaks out in the dorm regarding students' magic abilities. Qura identifies bullies as enemies.
Qura stays out of the fight even as her friends are beaten up because she has never fought and doesn't want to.
  • That evening they are given a dorm based on their focus. Qura's dorm-mates are all air channelers and soon friends.
  • Expecting the fire channelers to strike again, they help each other improve their wind dances (which is protective).
  • The next day they have to take the other 3 (nonfocus) classes. Qura learns fire, earth, and water channeling; it's hard.
Walking on water; igniting fire; molding earth. Qura is barely successful at them; in fact few are.
  • In earth class the fire bullies take on the air and water channelers. Qura's air channeling isn't very effective.
The water channelers use the nearby beach to their advantage, but both they and air channelers are on the defensive.
  • However, when Qura becomes their target she wills it all to stop and suddenly everyone is frozen in time, to her awe.

Chapter 12: Chasing Shadows[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Qura has fled into her room in shocked confusion. Rigel soon follows to Qura's room and asks how she managed to do it.
Qura replies she has no idea. Rigel expresses worry and offers to give Qura escorts to "protect" her. Qura refuses.
  • After Rigel leaves, Qura rushes to practice with using the freezing magic, and gradually gets used to it.
For once she realizes just how much her royal magic is overpowered compared to all else. Puts things in perspective.
  • That afternoon as her roommates return they ask her what happened; she lies, saying she has no clue.
  • Early morning on day 3, the fire channelers launch a sneak attack, and Qura wakes up to find herself sedated.
  • The place burns down, but Qura is too weak to call for help. It seems a miracle that she survived the fire in her state.
  • Qura storms into Orange Dorm, halting attacks in midair, freezes the fire channelers and interrogates them.
  • At lunch Rigel treats the class to some wine (which isn't illegal). Suspecting attempted poisoning, Qura drops dirt in hers.
Then she asks for the wine Rigel already drank from and gets it. Halfway through class Qura collapses from the poison.

Chapter 13: Flaw in the Trap[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Richard rushes Qura to the local healers, and she is restored. The healers claim that the poison should have killed her.
  • The principal, Tiresias, meets Qura and voices his suspicion that Rigel is up to something more dire than just killing Qura.
  • Together with the air channelers who share the Violet Dorm, they devise a plot that would reveal Rigel.
The plan is for Rigel to stumble upon a captive and alone Qura, whereupon she would try to kill her - but then the others
would intercept, with the principal bearing witness.
  • Shortly after they bind Qura, the air channelers are entrapped and defeated by water channelers, who then free Qura.
  • Rigel happens upon them at roughly the same time, and starts fighting the water channelers who appear to be binding her.
  • With superior magic Rigel defeats the others, then proceeds to free Qura. Qura says the water channelers didn't do it.
  • Instead she claims the fire channelers did so, and Rigel goes off to roundly beat them. Qura no longer knows who to trust.
  • Later, Qura goes to meet the water channelers, claiming the fire channelers did it. They call her BS and drag out an
air channeler, Kay, who had evidently spilled the beans on Qura's plan because she believed it was too risky for Qura.
  • Qura flees out of Blue Dorm with the enraged water channelers in pursuit.

Chapter 14: The Turncoat[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Qura waits for the turncoat to return to their dorm, too angry to sleep. When Kay arrives, Qura lambasts her.
When she chastises Qura back, accusing her of having a very bad plan, an outraged Qura zaps Kay with lightning.
Having entirely surprised herself with this act of murder, Qura lets the air channelers bind and take her to see the principal.
  • Teresias and Rigel argue over her punishment; Rigel wants her executed for witchcraft but Teresias wants Qura to live.
  • Qura is put in the Academy dungeon. Rigel comes and laments that Qura had to do so many bad things.
These are things Qura never actually did, so she believes someone has been feeding Rigel lies.
Rigel turns Qura's cell into an icy prison. But before Qura suffers from hypothermia she manages to blink and teleport.
  • She suddenly finds herself naked in Altair's hotel room. After getting dressed, she reveals what had happened.
  • Qura asks about the spells she's been using and Altair explains it's all because of Reginylgynae, and that there's more.
Qura has by now been partially reconciled with Altair - as long as he doesn't get in the way of her free spirit.

Chapter 15: Revelation[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • The next day, Qura returns, while Altair arrives as a "late student". Qura tells everyone she's looking for Rigel.
  • When Rigel fails to show up, she is convinced Rigel is trying to kill her. Meeting up with Tiresias, they find Rigel.
  • Tiresias overcomes and kills Rigel with Qura's consent, saying that everything will now return to normal.
  • Along with her friends, they go into Rigel's room looking for stuff a rogue mage would take, but don't see them.
  • Suspicious, Qura rushes into Tiresias's room and finds the man entirely petrified, and rushes out in fear.
  • Qura talks to Altair, saying how Rigel must have done this. Annoyingly however, Altair is not paying much attention.
  • When Qura is indignant at having been treated so, Altair tells Qura that Tiresias was the rogue mage, telling his story:
Altair, having heard Qura's story, meanwhile wasn't convinced. In a duel with Tiresias, he forces the principal to slip.
Tiresias casts magic to protect himself from high magic (creae darta) that only rogue magi would know to be deadly.
Qura had been sent in first because Tiresias knew which face to watch out for (Altair) and would then cease his work.
But with Qura going in first, Tiresias's "alarm" didn't go off and so he let slip his desire to capture Qura for knowledge.
  • Altair forces Tiresias to confess, then uses a golden scroll to bring his verdict: death.

Chapter 16: Reunion[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Before leaving, Qura says she wants to meet her family again. The trio fly to Bahasa, enjoying the scenery.
  • A few hours later they have arrived. The Tranquilaes are shocked to see how far Qura has come.
  • Only now has Paul finally returned from Iutarru, and gathering his allies, comes to seek retribution.
  • The Elysants demand Qura be returned to them and speak badly of whoever snatched Qura from Paul.
This of course makes Altair angry but he keeps it to himself until after the Elysants claim they'll kill "that person".
Then Altair reveals himself and the Elysants are suddenly terrified and apologize profusely, running away.
  • They flee. Altair gives the family a bride-gift - a royal haircomb and a decorative scroll with his writing on it.

Chapter 17: Anatomy of a Spell[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Teleporting back to the Citadel at Originum, the two are greeted by cheers. King Jet congratulates them.
Altair tells Jet about Qura's role in it all. Jet is at first displeased, but then gives Qura a gift: a weird.
  • Altair tells Qura that the royal family wants its magic to stay low-profile, and that Qura must control her magic.
  • In their own rooms, Altair is working with his spells and Qura is in a nearby room, learning how to use the weird.
  • Remembering creae darta, she uses it - and ends up shooting herself. Altair rushes to the rescue, rapidly healing her.
  • When Qura awakens, Altair tells her a gray lie about what happened, leaving Qura unsure healing magic was used.
  • Seeing Qura is adamant on learning magic, Altair teaches Qura a lot - enough for her to ponder on for a while.
  • Qura wanders around the Citadel, casting magic throughout its parks and extending the concepts she's learned.
  • Qura meets up with Renin, who gives a proper introduction and is quick to befriend her and teach her more magic.

Chapter 18: ?[]

Planning: 0%% | Writing: 0%%