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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

Wilderness Block[]

Chapter 10: Flight of the Clipped Bird[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Now deep in the woods, Qura is at peace with nature, feeling utterly free from parental rules and confines.
They’re in equatorial Lorica so it’s generally warm or hot all the time, which means they can travel lightly.
They brought enough food with them because neither knows how to hunt or even what to forage.
  • Along the way they've re-created Tyl's old faera collection using the new glass vials she's brought along.
  • Tyl warns Qura that the forest is potentially dangerous so they need to bring some form of protection with them - magic.
  • Having found both create-light and spell-initiator faera, Tyl surmises that grinding would enhance effect - and it does.
  • Tyl also finds that mixing ground faera with water makes for easy-to-cast spells via throwing potions.
  • It's been hours of trekking w/ minor progress and it’s dark, so they start a fire using create-fire faera and eat.
  • Then they hear the sounds of wolves - ill omen in wild areas - and panic, running off blindly without their stuff.
Only now do they remember that there are dangerous creatures in the wild – possibly more dangerous than on Earth.
  • Qura and Tyl, terrified, get chased up a tree by a pack of wolves. They can barely hold on but manage to get into position.
  • Qura starts thinking that this was a really bad idea. Who knew adventuring could be so dangerous?
  • The wolves take turns watching. Qura can't fall asleep for fear of falling. An hour later they finally leave.
  • Tyl gets off the tree, the wolves come back, and the wolves can still sense them.
  • Tyl only gets slightly bitten but feels very weak. Qura helps drag Tyl back up the tree. They finally manage to fall asleep.
The wolves are symbiotic with create-ethanol moieta. Qura realizes this immediately.
  1. Cut faera into pieces, grind it
  2. Throwing potions w/ water, effect on breaking
  3. Igniting fires
  4. Create Ethanol (weakening, sedative)

Chapter 11: Freed Wings[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Morning. The wolves are still around. Promising that she will owe her life to whoever saves her, They scream for help.
  • On his way to Aeutaril, Andar hears and comes to their aid. He easily dispatches the wolves with his bow.
  • The girls thank Andar profusely for his aid. Tyl collects the "weakening" faera on the wolves' teeth.
Qura vows to herself that she will uphold her promise and dedicate herself to Andar.
  • Introductions. Tyl explains why they’re here and Qura tells Andar about her desire to become a mage.
  • Andar has a mission to do in Aeutaril, heads off; the girls agree to wait in the forest for his return since they can't come.
  • Andar gives Qura his bow for self-defense. Qura and Tyl practice firing, then practice hunting, but are failures at it.
The girls realize that they need to be able to fire accurately in case they get attacked again and to not starve.
Qura realizes that running away from home is easier said than done for girls like her, since she's had no experience.
  • In addition they train fighting melee, fighting each other or attacking tree trunks - but they end up getting hurt pretty badly.
  • Tyl finds a faera that helps isolate effect moieta. She knows it's important, but won't tell Qura why she knows it.
  • They also observe the actions of the pulsphere and other faera, finding what they eat and collecting those plants.
Knowledge of what food they eat is crucial for getting faera to reproduce, not to mention keeping them alive.
  • FF. Nightfall; the girls had received free food from Andar. Andar returns and starts a fire, bringing more food with him.
  • Andar tells them that he's a rogue, one who finds misc jobs for a living, and that they'll be headed to Edistel soon.

Chapter 12: Saphrona's Jewel[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
In the future in which Qura’s dream takes place, the world-spanning empire is called Saphrona.
  • Qura lays on her bed, totally stunned by what had just transpired, and wonders exactly what it's all about.
  • Qura, now a member of the royalty, gets treated as such, being given jewelry, a squad of handmaidens, etc.
  • Qura wanders around the Citadel, getting used to the place and learning about the royal family and royal high magic.
  • Qura meets Altair again and talk about this entire event while saying she wants to be a mage. Altair says that's for princes.
  • Da summons them, and assigns Altair to Probe the channeling Academy of Invara, and Altair orders Qura to come with him.
  • They fly all the way to Invara. Qura wants to get a crash course in magic but Altair refuses, saying it's not for her.
  • Qura gets into an argument with Altair moments after they leave the city. Qura ends up desperate to learn about it.
  • Qura tries to get away from Altair but he easily summons her back to him. Qura makes life unbearable for him.
  • Qura declares she doesn't want to see Altair again and will set off on her own. Altair lets her realizing she is adamant.
Before she leaves, Altair teaches how to be safe (which is another term for a teleport spell); Qura doesn't realize it.

Chapter 13: Fall of Innocence[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Upon arriving at Edistel, the trio part ways. Qura wants to stay with Andar as per her promise but Andar refuses.
Andar has never told the girls exactly what he does for a living, even despite their asking.
  • Qura looks for jobs but is too "fresh" to find any entry level job, but is instead “burned” by each of the tests she undertakes.
  • Among the professions she tries out includes blacksmith, lumberjack, accountant, cook and farmer apprentices.
She realizes that getting a job is incredibly time-consuming and tedious, thinks her parents might be right after all.
  • Remembering her dream, she becomes a waitress. Only her boss is greedy and requires her to buy uniform.
  • The restaurant work is just as hard, all tips must be given to the boss, and the boss ill-treats her as well.
Being a waitress is barely better than being a slave - Qura is forced to be subservient to customers.
  • Qura breaks several teapots by accident and is forced to pay for them and is fired without any pay, plus loses her uniform.
  • Qura gets pickpocketed and has no money left to get a room. Qura and Tyl spend a terrible night on the streets.
Tyl also has next to no luck with finding a job. She has done pretty much Qura did in looking for a job, failing at everything.
  • Tyl tries to keep their spirits hopeful, spinning tales of magic, and even tries to keep Qura warm at her own expense.

Chapter 14: Qura's First Mission[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Next day, the girls seek out Andar, saying they need help finding a job. Andar decides to take on a task with them.
Andar still hasn't revealed to the others the fact that he leads his very own gang - after all, this can't be lightly revealed.
The mission is to stay near a store and catch night thieves who have broken into the store the previous few nights.
  • In preparation for this, the party goes to the nearby woods to practice archery and melee fighting Andar teaching them.
  • Late night; the place is closed. Thieves pick the lock. Weapons are drawn and Andar is far outnumbered.
  • The thieves tell Andar that the store-owner had stolen a necklace from them, and that they hadn't broken in before.
  • They guess the correct descriptions of the necklace, so the party believes that the thieves were right after all.
  • The thieves take the necklace and leave. The party secretly follows them, discovers that the necklace is magical.
The necklace is able to make the wearer blend into one's surroundings even when moving, but not perfectly.
  • Andar tries to steal the necklace but is defeated by his invisible foe. Qura pleads for the fight to stop, bandages his wounds.
They all realize the power of being just about invisible for making all kinds of problems go away, decide to steal it.
  • After trailing the thieves some more, they swap the magical necklace with a similar-looking one, Andar being good at stealth.
  • They limp back to the store, only to realize that another party of thieves (B) had come afterward, stealing everything.
  • FF. Next morning. The store owner is outraged and sends guards to hunt down the owner of the necklace.
The party tells them that they weren't able to stop the thieves from taking the stuff after all; they don't get the reward.

Chapter 15: Fall of Innocence 2[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Tyl uses their little bit of money left to buy weak vial-separator paper to use to create potions that react upon breaking.
  • Qura argues with her, saying that their money should be used for more important purposes. Tyl is too attached to magic.
  • After that Tyl proceeds to create on-off light potions using semi-porous paper. Low on money, they live out on the streets.
  • FF. Spending the evening collecting faera, they finally manage to salvage enough create-heat faera to keep them warm.
  • During this time they also come across a create-electropositivity faera and adds it. They create long-term warmth potions.
By using just a tiny bit of spell-initiator and keeping the glass vials close to them, they are able to sustain warmth long-term.
Currently, all spells run out after a short while of use, much like a weak battery, and direct use of faera is just too weak.
  • Next day. Now desperate, Qura tries to get another job as waitress but none are hiring. She attacks the boss who fired her.
She attacks while using the chameleon amulet; problem is, it's not 100% effective so there are tell-tale signs on the ground.
  • Guards arrive and subdue her. Qura is put in the same prison cell as other criminals. They abuse and terrify her.
It turns out the necklace is inscribed with initials of ownership; the guards find it in Qura's possession and arrest her.
  • She pleads for them to leave her alone but that seems to have the opposite effect; at any rate she fears they’ll rape her.
  • For a moment Qura suddenly feels strangely warm, has no idea as to why and soon dismisses it. (blood magic)
  • Meanwhile, Tyl is alarmed by Qura’s disappearance and goes all over the place asking for whereabouts.
  1. Easy-to-activate blinding potions (puncture paper)
  2. Potion easy to turn on/off (porous paper press in/out)
  3. Long-term warmth potions
  4. Create electro-positivity
  5. Artifacts' magic

Chapter 16: Finding Friends and Family[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Hours later. A stranger (Micalel) comes to the prison and pays for Qura's release.
This action makes Qura his indentured servant. She is obligated to serve him for some time as the equivalent of a slave.
  • Qura goes with Micalel to his slum. Suddenly she is tied up and stripped by the gang inside. (Micalel is second in command).
  • In this compromised position Qura is forced to wait for the ringleader to come “have her”.
  • In a twist of fate, the White Wolf ringleader turns out to be Andar, who immediately orders her release.
  • Micalel gets a smacking and Andar says that no one is to lay a hand on Qura again. Qura is once again very thankful.
  • Introductions. Qura tells them that Tyl must be looking for her. Qura and the gang’s top fighter, Yerin, set out to find her.
  • QUra tells the others about her interest in magic. The gang reveals a create-soot faera from Micalel's collection.
  • Qura and a few gangsters locate Tyl and update her. Tyl tells Qura that their two families have scried for their locations.
When they find her, Tyl is already driven into crying, thinking she’s responsible for Qura’s disappearance and fate.
  • For the first time in weeks, Qura and Tyl are treated to a feast (gang member induction) and both eat like pigs.
  • As Qura, Tyl, and Andar sit next to each other, the gangsters tell each other what they did or saw that day.
  • At the same time, Tyl works on creating a smoke potion with create-air and create-soot moieta.
  1. Create Soot
  2. Smoke potion

Chapter 17: Mutual Thievery[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Andar tells the gang that their new objective is to steal that magical amulet back from the store owner they once worked for.
  • Waiting until night, they enter with Andar picking the lock on the door and slipping inside.
  • Guards are waiting inside, causing the trio to run with them in pursuit. They get caught and are arrested for breaking in.
  • After serving a one day term and paying a fine, they are let out - and discover that the necklace was stolen anyway.
  • The party is being charged with stealing the item even though they didn't get it. Andar promises to hunt it down.
  • Andar takes his gang to the thieves' hideout, interrogates them; they say they didn't take it but Andar doesn't believe them.
  • Andar wants to search the place; the thieves fight back and are defeated. But searching turns up nothing.
First instance of true magic being used in combat, in this case with smoke potions to make enemies cough.
  • The party now suspects the store owner of tricking them and follow the store owner to his home. FF next day. They enter.
  • They fail to find anything. Just then the guard arrives and catches Andar and Tyl breaking in (aided by the thieves' advice).
  • As they are hauled to jail, Andar protests, saying they were trying to find clues to help find the lost necklace.
  • The guards treat them very meanly and throw them in jail. Meanwhile Qura suspects the guard of having stolen it.
  • Qura uses the smoke potions to sneak into the guard tower and find a member of the guard using it. Qura jumps the guard.
The thick smoke easily delineates the person using the necklace.
  • The guard stops them both and once the smoke clears it becomes obvious that the guard had stolen it all along.
  • The captain of the guard pardons Qura's team and pays them a hefty sum of money to not report this to the Lord of Edistel.
The necklace is broken in the fight that breaks out and the enchantment is broken, so the party decides not to steal it.

Chapter 18: Escaping the Parental Grip[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Andar gives Qura money and an escort to go to a tailor's and get proper (better) clothes.
  • They narrowly avoid being seen by Judicad's expedition and rush home to warn the gang. Qura feels the scrying tell-tale.
  • Tyl has been working on another moieta she has identified, the spell-amplifier.
Qura’s location can be scried because of blood magic. Each time it’s done, her body feels slightly warm – it’s a summon too.
  • Meanwhile, the authorities have caught the gang’s guard worker Micalel, who was tricked into revealing the gang.
The heating up is occurring much more often now, a sign that they’re getting close. Then Qura heats up while in the hideout.
  • The girls’ pursuers have arrived, and knock on their door. The gang rushes to pack supplies, including faera.
  • White Wolf makes a stand, and Andar gets into an argument with the expedition at the hideout’s main door.
Andar says that the girls should be free, while Judicad feels ripped off and Teal feels insulted.
  • Realizing that negotiation failed, Andar shoots Judicad in the arm with his bow, then the gang flees out the back door.
With the expedition leader seriously wounded, they are unable to pursue the girls.
  • Andar leads a rescue mission for Micalel involving Qura seducing the guards and drugging them to sleep.
  • Escaping, the White Wolf gang and the girls heads for the nearby city Iutarru.
Qura and Tyl, realizing they are vulnerable in this world and need protection, decide to accompany the gang.