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Instruction Block[]

Chapter 28: Air Channeling[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Next day. The group awakes from their stay in an inn. Qura, Tyl, and Andar register at the Academy.
It costs a lot so they’ll only be able to spend a few days taking courses. The rest of the gang goes job-hunting.
  • They take a quiz which determines their focus. It’s not about ability, but rather, personality.
  • Before school begins, the Archmage urges the newcomers not to fight each other like every class before them did.
  • Qura's air channeling teacher Ariel is a nice lady and Qura instantly builds friendship with her.
The Academy's environment is very different from those in most towns; the students are free to do as they like.
Qura is into air magic because it connects with her endless aspirations and dreams.
  • The air channeling class practices wind dances. Qura makes quite a few friends who are also into air (Seria).
Learning this stuff takes a lot of hard work and practice, since the movements must be quite precise or else do nothing.
  • That afternoon they are given a dorm based on their focus. Qura's dorm-mates are all air channelers and soon friends.
  • That evening a fight breaks out in the dorm regarding students' magic abilities. Qura identifies bullies as enemies.
The enemies are mostly fire channelers, since those with combative spirit often end up in that class.
  • Qura stays out of the fight even as her friends are beaten up because she has never fought and doesn't want to.
  • When the air channelers get beat, Seria and others ask Qura to join in, and the bullies taunt her, but she couldn’t do it.
  • Ariel then comes by and, seeing the fight, soon decisively defeats the bullies. Qura is amazed and vows to learn more.
  • Expecting the fire channelers to strike again, they help each other improve their wind dances (which is protective).
  • Wandering around, Qura stumbles upon Tyl challenging Ariel to prove the versatility of air magic.
  • Tyl keeps going back to the topic of using wind to buffet another person. She walks away disappointed.
It’s not possible to use air channeling to do the things that Tyl’s captor did using true magic – they’re like different worlds.
  • Tyl tells Qura and Andar that she’s dropping out. When asked why, Tyl says that this isn’t what she was expecting.

Chapter 29: Revelation[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • The next day, Qura returns, while Altair arrives as a "late student". Qura tells everyone she's looking for Aria.
  • When Aria fails to show up, she is convinced Aria is trying to kill her. Meeting up with Nuba, they find Aria.
  • Nuba overcomes and kills Aria with Qura's consent, saying that everything will now return to normal.
  • Along with her friends, they go into Aria's room looking for stuff a rogue mage would take, but don't see them.
  • Suspicious, Qura rushes into Nuba's room and finds the man entirely petrified, and rushes out in fear.
  • Qura talks to Altair, saying how Aria must have done this. Annoyingly however, Altair is not paying much attention.
  • When Qura is indignant at having been treated so, Altair tells Qura that Nuba was the rogue mage, telling his story:
Altair, having heard Qura's story, meanwhile wasn't convinced. In a duel with Nuba, he forces the principal to slip.
Nuba casts magic to protect himself from high magic (creae darta) that only rogue magi would know to be deadly.
Qura had been sent in first because Nuba knew which face to watch out for (Altair) and would then cease his work.
But with Qura going in first, Nuba's "alarm" didn't go off and so he let slip his desire to capture Qura for knowledge.
  • Altair forces Tiresias to confess, then uses a golden scroll to bring his verdict: death.

Chapter 30: Master of the Elements[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
The next day they have to take the other 3 (non-focus) classes. Qura learns fire, earth, and water channeling; it's hard.
Igniting fire; molding earth; condensing steam. Qura is barely successful at them; in fact few are. She falls asleep.
  • Near the end of fire class, Elysian says he knows all this stuff and wants a commendation. (Fire channelers not here)
  • Raneid accepts the challenge, and soon he is testing what Elysian is capable of. Elysian copies Raneid’s actions.
Elysian doesn’t tell anyone, but he can memorize things perfectly, and then apply them flawlessly.
  • Everyone is amazed by Elysian’s skill with earth channeling. Raneid gives Elysian a commendation.
Other students criticize Elysian for showing off and taking the teacher’s time, preventing them from learning.
  • After fire class, Qura sits beside Elysian and cheers for him. Elysian is immediately charmed by Qura’s beauty.
  • The two have lunch together. Elysian is very chivalric toward Qura and is even willing to tutor her on the art.
  • Qura is far less skilled at learning that Elysian is, but he respects her and tells her that with effort, she will master the art.
  • Elysian tells Qura that these commendations allow him to take the next level course in that particular element.
  • Next is earth class. Attacks are introduced, and the students are given a target to focus their fire on. Elysian’s not here.
  • Next is water class. The teacher starts off with the general info about how this is different from the other disciplines.
  • Then the students practice creating water out of steam. Elysian says he’s the best one in the class.
  • The fire bullies are now very angry, viewing this as an insult. Several choose to attack Elysian, using fire and water.
  • Elysian starts off poorly, but in just a short while he has become skilled at the art and easily defeats the others.
  • Watching this, the water teacher, Darya, sees that Elysian didn’t know it at the beginning but learned very quickly.
  • Elysian gets his fourth commendation, and then he shows Qura the four commendations he has obtained.

Chapter 31: Magic Hunters[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Qura has a scheme to discover more magic, putting out ads to reward those who have seen magical phenomena.
  • Before long people start showing up to the hotel room Qura reserves. Only one of them actually is a nascent mage.
  • This clueless teen works with the party to develop his first working spell, anchoring create-light to a sword.
Tyl realizes right away that this spell-anchor faera is useful, and so resolves to steal some of it.
  • Andar doesn't like Tyl's plan. Realizing the teen will spill their secrets, the team ties and gags him in their hotel room.
  • Eager, Tyl works some more with her faera, learning how to propel a spell's anchor (needed for all projectile spells).
  • Suddenly a martial artist hailing from the Order of the Dancing Blade attacks, wounding Andar. Tyl fights back.
  • During the battle Qura makes an impromptu superheat bolt potion and uses it to hurt the unsuspecting aggressor.
In order for the potion to be a projectile, the rear of the potion must create air, done using anchoring.
  • Yuna joins the fight. The martial artist can't prevail against numbers and magic, and flees. Qura tends to Andar.
  • Andar reprimands Qura for using this risky scheme to learn more magic - and becomes the party's conscience.
  • They leave the hotel, taking along with them the tricked teen's magic and stock of faera.
  • Andar complains that doing such a thing isn’t right, but everyone else thinks that the more magic they have, the better.
  1. Anchoring
  2. Basic equipment enchanting
  • Launching projectiles
  1. Superheat bolt potion

Chapter 32: Modes of Learning[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Next day, noon. Qura has just managed to learn another move (gust). She meets up with Elysian again for lunch.
It is now quite obvious that Elysian has taken up an interest in Qura. However, Qura won’t show such affection back.
Quite a lot of girls have directed their attention to Elysian, having received news of the cool things he did.
  • Qura tells Elysian about her dream to become a mage, saying how Elysian is her role model and aspiring goal.
  • Air class resumes. Qura and Seria practice together. Qura’s air channeling had already markedly improved.
  • Ariel takes note of Qura’s improvements and offers to teach simple levitation after school.
  • FF. After school. Qura goes to Ariel’s office and Ariel teaches her a variety of moves for her to practice on.
  • Qura practices all the way to Violet Dorm and teaches her moves to the others.
  • Next day. Qura has been practicing her new air moves the entire day, even back to the dorm. Seria comes in late.
  • Qura and Seria have a competition to see whose is better. Despite Qura’s better techniques, Seria is still better.
Seria also has learned a few moves from a book. Seria says that there’s plenty more where that came from.
  • Seria tells Qura that she’s planning to sneak into the Academy’s library, believing they can learn better skills that way.
They’re not simply allowed access to the library, so there’s a risk that if they get caught they’ll get expelled.
  • That night they sneak into the Academy’s library and start reading things, learning techniques.
They don’t perform any of it while at the library because it might alert others, and they don’t take the books with them.

Chapter 33: Bandit Hunters[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • FF several days. The gang and the girls are in Eugail, having accepted a task back at Iutarru to hunt bandits.
  • They meet up with Darla, who tells them where the bandits were last spotted and gives them weapons.
  • The gang goes into the cave and using weaponry and channeling quickly overpower the bandits taking residence.
  • The bandits are taken captive to Darla’s house, and the gang gets money and a new mission: to find their journal.
Ostensibly the journal would hold information that could incriminate them. The hideout also held create-air faera.
  • The gang goes to locate the journal in a nearby cave but instead come across Cerulea (who lives nearby).
  • Cerulea tells them of her relation to the bandit leader and that the group was only trying to prevent illicit slave trade.
Darla and co. were trying to eliminate the people interfering with their plans and at the same time appear good.
  • Cerulea hands over the journal, which turns out to hold, above all others, information on casting true magic.
  • Tyl immediately realizes it for what it is and starts jotting down notes along the way back.
  • Thinking Darla may be intending to trap them as well, the team stops before reaching the house and makes spells.
The journal tells the team how to make tele-anchored spells. So an air shield can be created around one’s hand, etc.
  • Tyl also discovers how to use moieta-imbued equipment with a switch and tubes to make it easy to turn on/off.
  • The team returns to Darla’s house with the recovered journal. The bandits they had captured earlier surprise them.
The leader was standing watch outside the cave and tailed the team as they delivered the captives, then sprung.
  • After a little bit of a struggle in which the team utilizes their invisible deflective shield, they realize they’re allies.
  • The two groups celebrate their victory at having found the local slave trader. The bandits want them to find proof.
Bandit leader Roniel had extracted info from Darla about where the slave trader meets his counterparty.
  • The team goes there at nightfall to spring a trap on the other side and succeeds in capturing them, getting their proof.
  • But they are in turn surprised by the bandits immediately afterward. Most of the bandits are weak and are defeated.
  • Roniel conjures a heat shield, and withstands until he’s finally vanquished. The team asks why Roniel betrayed them.
Roniel saw that they were magic users, so that they were rivals, could lure enemies and had stolen their magic.
  1. Using / finding journals w/ magic info
  2. Tele Anchoring, spherical
  3. Deflecting sphere (vs. aerial attacks)
  4. Equipment easy to turn on/off
  5. Heat shield

Chapter 34: Modes of Learning 2[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • The next day Qura and Ariel start performing the techniques they learned while in the library.
  • They manage to master the moves fairly quickly. Ariel takes notice and wants to know how they learned these moves.
  • Ariel sets them up in a prisoner’s dilemma and Qura ends up spilling. Seria is expelled and is very angry at her.
  • Qura eavesdrops on a faculty meeting discussing the recent trespass into the library and what to do about it.
It’s obvious they’re going to set up traps to catch those going in.
  • Qura asks Elysian why it is that the library is off-limits. Elysian replies that the teachers are greedy.
If the books were simply lent out, people would learn without attending class. That would cut into tuition.
  • Over the next day Qura tells her friends about Elysian’s conclusion about the library. Everyone gets angry.
  • Qura even meets up with the fire channeling bullies and tells them this, redirecting their anger at the teachers.
  • Teachers accost Qura and tell her to stop spreading rumors. Elysian interferes, telling them to leave her alone.
  • Now very angry, the teachers attack Elysian, while Qura watches from a distance. Elysian is defeated and expelled.
The leader of this group of teachers is water-channeler Raneid, who knows that Elysian is a fast learner.
The teachers are all capable of channeling the other elements to some extent but are best in their own.

Chapter 35: Memory Eye[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Qura goes to Elysian’s dorm. Under the pretense of packing up, Elysian trains the new moves he learned from the fight.
  • Elysian reveals to Qura that he has high-acuity Memory Eye, tells her what it does and how he got it.
  • Flashback. Years ago, Elysian was in a fight against bullies and he was always getting beaten up.
  • But he learned very quickly from his mistakes and after several more encounters he defeated the bullies hands-down.
The current situation is a lot like that except now the moves everyone is using is higher-level.
  • Elysian says that he already has quite a few commendations. The real reason of getting them is to prepare for showdown.
  • Despite Qura’s warnings, Elysian goes back out and encounters the teachers again.
  • The teachers, thinking they can beat Elysian, are unprepared for him using their moves against them with such skill.
  • It now becomes obvious that Elysian has Memory Eye. Raneid warns the others not to use high-level techniques.
  • Nevertheless, Elysian pushes so hard on them that they are forced to gradually use their high-level techniques.
Elysian no longer operates under the pretense of already knowing all the material and directly mimics them.
  • The teachers are forced back to the Archmage’s Tower and retreat, fighting all the way to the top, Qura following.
  • The Archmage isn’t around and Elysian trumps everyone else. The teachers say he’ll pay when the Archmage returns.
  • Elysian puts graffiti all over the Archmage’s tower, making some teachers rush out to locate the Archmage.
  • Later, when Qura asks why Elysian did this, he said he had to in order to get the Archmage to return ASAP.

Chapter 36: Clash of Two Magics[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • School continues with the teachers wary of Elysian and trying to get Qura to help stop Elysian from fighting them.
  • School has pretty much fallen apart, with everyone fearful of his abilities and trying to catch up with him.
  • Elysian is actually quite popular, teaching the other students and angering the teachers; their tuition had dried up.
Elysian is offering his own sort of free education within the Academy. Students stop paying to learn from teachers.
Some students are claiming he’s even better than the Archmage. Elysian regularly picks on and defeats the teachers.
  • The Archmage shows himself at last and strikes Elysian with a paralysis attack. Instant KO. Elysian is imprisoned.
Having had experience with Tyl’s magic, Qura realizes that the Archmage’s move wasn’t channeling at all.
The Archmage is the only one of them wielding a staff. Indeed, it’s the staff that caused the paralysis attack.
  • Qura knows that the Archmage will strike her down unless she seems to fully believe that it was channeling; acts so.
  • Qura visits Elysian in prison and asks why he had to fight all the teachers instead of just learning from them.
  • Elysian replies that it was the only way to make sure that he knew all the channeling techniques there were.
Elysian finds it shameful for the Archmage to use true magic on him; he has little experience with true magic.
Elysian doesn’t reveal to Qura that he can easily escape from prison and will be setting off to Detariya. Qura is sad.
  • Qura realizes that channeling will only get one so far; the real magic to be learned is Tyl’s true magic.
  • They had already seen all there is to channeling. Qura tells this to Andar and Seria. Qura and Andar drop out.
  • Qura meets up with Tyl, who had just located a new, create-phosphorus faera.
  • With the amplified create-phosphorus she's able to create fire bomb potions and projectiles.
  • Seria wants to prove that what she's learned isn't for nothing, so she challenges Qura to a friendly match.
  • At first Qura is on the losing side. The battle’s over instantly as Qura uses Tyl’s comparatively overwhelming magic.
  1. Create White phosphorus
  2. Fire bomb potion and projectile