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Odyssey Block[]

Chapter 37: The Slave Master[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • The party is walking through town when they meet a woman (Ceratel) trying to sell herself to someone for free.
  • A slavemaster pulls up in a carriage and his men forcefully take her back to the slavemaster's brothel. The team follows.
Slavery is legal in many parts of Lorica. The woman was a slave prostitute who wanted to escape such a life.
  • They wonder if this particular event may have anything to do with the bandit case they had back at Eugail.
  • The party charges into the slavemaster's brothel and say that they had accepted her offer, so she belongs to them.
  • Protest. The two sides get into a fight but Yuna easily beats the slavemaster's men, forcing him to accept defeat.
  • Upon request, Ceratel leads the party to the slavemaster's vault, which holds faera. Andar picks the vault's lock.
  • After they leave with Ceratel, the slavemaster files a dual abduction and robbery report to the town guard.
  • Shortly, the town guard surround and begin to fight the party, who uses magic to beat their more numerous foes.
  • The fight only lasts until the guard brings in archers - then the party surrenders. Qura discreetly hides.
  • When the slavemaster goes to a restaurant that night, Qura comes over, seduces him and steals his license.
Without his license, the slavemaster supposedly doesn't own any slaves at all, so the party's actions weren't illegal.
  • Maya then reports the slavemaster's illicit activities to the town guard. The party, and the other slaves, are freed.
  • The slavemaster leads a nighttime assault on the party's lodging. They are swiftly slain by sword and sorcery.
  • Qura has set up light-and-motion triggered booby-trap spells at their room's windows and doors just for this contingency.
The booby traps aren’t conditional magic; they’re just placed in a certain way that they’ll physically trigger.
  • Ceratel thanks the party profusely for having saved her. She tells them about the dungeon in Aureil.
  1. Spherical projectiles (splash ) w/ tele anchoring
  2. Booby trapping (physical)

Chapter 38: Anatomy of a Spell[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Teleporting back to the Citadel at Originum, the two are greeted by cheers. Emperor Da congratulates them.
  • Altair tells Da about Qura's role in it all. Da is at first displeased, but then gives Qura a gift: a weird.
  • Evening. In celebration of the pair’s first successful mission, they hold a fabulous banquet.
  • Altair tells Qura that the royal family wants its magic to stay low-profile, and that Qura must control her magic.
  • In their own rooms, Altair is working with his spells and Qura is in a nearby room, learning how to use the weird.
  • Remembering creae darta, she uses it - and ends up shooting herself. Altair rushes to the rescue, rapidly healing her.
  • When Qura awakens, Altair tells her a gray lie about what happened, leaving Qura unsure healing magic was used.
  • Seeing Qura is adamant on learning magic, Altair teaches Qura a lot - enough for her to ponder on for a while.
Some of these things that Altair teaches Qura has no idea about because they’re quite advanced.
  • Altair warns Qura that if she really wants to be good at spellcasting she must learn her math and physics.
  • Qura wanders around the Citadel, casting magic throughout its parks and extending the concepts she's learned.
  • Qura meets up with Renin, who gives a proper introduction and is quick to befriend her and teach her more magic.

Chapter 39: The Fighting Tournament[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • While they are practicing, an old man named Ceratel comes up and gives them some combat potions.
  • After a short debate about the ethics of cheating, Qura convinces Andar that the reward is far more important.
  • Another group of contestants passes by and, after seeing their abilities, calls Andar and his gang scum.
  • This makes the team very angry, but Andar is able to maintain his cool and save his wrath for the main competition.
  • Qura treats the Greyhounds to a pre-tournament lunch. Later, the bartender says that Qura put a potion in their drinks.
  • The Greyhounds find out about this but it's too late to wait for it to wear off, so they just have to cheat.
  • At this point Yuna and several other Greyhounds decide not to participate for ethical reasons.
  • Meanwhile, Yuna learns from Qura just who gave them the potions, planning to possibly kill Ceratel.
  • In their anger, they force Qura to drink one of the potions so that she won't be playing fair either.
  • The match begins. Qura fights better than she expected. However, she still ends up losing quickly.
Most of the opponents are fourth swords, since second swords are pretty much staying out of it and first swords are rare.
  • The tournament progresses. Several of the Greyhounds get to the later levels. Andar wins the tournament.
Andar had to fight several times against other third swords but he won because of persistence and belief in the potion.
Andar may be a third sword, but he’s a very good one, and he has the drive to prove to everyone that he deserves respect.
  • Qura asks Andar how he did it. Andar said that ever since he was disowned, he knew the value of never giving up.
  • Andar tells Qura about the time when he had no allies and all the superior Edistel bullies picked on him.
  • Andar managed to survive all their attacks, escape, and improve his fighting ability.
  • The reward is revoked. The guards now come in to hunt down all those who did well, especially Andar.
  • The contest was staged by the city as a sting operation against the most skilled rogues in town.
  • A still-running Andar finds Yuna, explains the situation and Yuna has Andar cross-dress. The guards are left clueless.

Chapter 40: The Journey Begins[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • They regroup with the other gang members and flee Iutarru with Stresa's help. Black Bear is once again in business.
  • Qura, Tyl, Andar, and Yuna bid farewell to their new-found friends (and their gang) and set off on a long-term expedition.
  • At this point a furious Andar realizes that their immoral behavior must come to an end or they'll be the ones punished.
  • This prompts Qura to tell them what really happened. Flashback.
  • Qura had told the bartender that she had added the potion into their drink so that he would pass it along, but it's untrue.
The belief that one had the benefit of the potion was enough to make them perform remarkably better.
  • However, Qura did use the potion and it worked admirably, which meant that Ceratel really was an alchemist.
  • Yuna decides to hunt down Ceratel and then kill him, but she doesn't tell the others.
  • The party had learned that Ceratel has gone northward and decided to find him so as to get some answers.
  • They rest at the city outskirts. Tyl uses create electro-negativity on iron and they create a simple compass.
  • Qura tips Andar’s arrows with create ethanol faera.
An arrow is a delicate thing. So Qura anchors create-ethanol liquid on one side, and anchors spell-initiator on the other.
  • Andar has Qura and Yuna walk far in front. Qura doesn't know why, but concludes that Andar likes Tyl and becomes jealous.
  • Soon, highwaymen ambush Qura. Andar then springs on the highwaymen to devastating effect, maiming them from afar.
The loot from the highwaymen includes a long sword (which becomes Andar's weapon), food, money, and leather armor.
  • Tyl enchants the sword with superheat moieta with an on/off switch.
  • On the road once again, Qura tells Andar more about the dreams she's experienced.
  1. Putting moieta on two sides of an arrow
  2. Electro-positivity to magnetize iron
  3. Superheat enchanting a sword + on/off switch

Chapter 41: Aureil Dungeon[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
When they get to Aureil Dungeon they are shocked to stumble across corpses and almost decide not to continue.
Tyl tells them not to give up, that scary situations like these are also the most rewarding opportunities to learn more.
  • They press on and brave a variety of dangers. They finally realize just what a dungeon is made to be.
  • Realizing they need more support, on the spot Tyl creates spray attacks, fire potions and spell inhibitor potions.
A dungeon is made by a mage who wants to leave a legacy for those who can get past its dangers.
The Entyreal dungeon was far safer. Aureil's is a much more deadly dungeon, with a supposedly better reward.
  • As they proceed through the dungeon Andar gets plenty of opportunities to get the girls out of trouble.
  • During this time they realize the need to be able to quickly get out of harm's way thru jumping - using a spell.
  • Trying to cross water filled with a poison, Tyl uses the delete-heat moieta to freeze a path over which they could walk.
  • On a side path they also encounter a spell-inhibitor attacking them. Realizing what it does, Tyl adapts it as a disabler.
They come pretty close to using up all of the little bit of healing drinks that they had brought along.
  • Along the way they encounter several magical things, and Tyl finds out how to attract certain faera.
  • The trio succeeds in getting to the treasure, an animated sword. It starts attacking them and immediately impales Andar.
  • Yuna manages to get the sword stuck, then locked back in scabbard. They treat Andar's wound with alcohol.
  • Being low on the alcohol, they instead create an impromptu cauterizing spell to get the serious wound to stop bleeding.
  1. Using air to launch oneself upward
  2. Freeze water
  3. Perm off potion (Spell Inhibitor)
  4. Anti-spell potions
  5. Attracting more of certain faera
  6. Cauterizing wounds

Chapter 42: The Water Strider[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • The party arrives at Ersanctil, which has a strange law forbidding anyone to go near the coast.
Something in the sea has attacked the port and ships, forcing the Lord of Ersanctil to stop all shipping in the area.
  • The party meets the Lord of Ersanctil, and earn clearance to the coastline. They get smacked by a massive wave.
  • Several party members are injured. The lord forbids them from getting in danger again, and they get room at an inn.
  • Tyl creates a powerful blast potion to withstand the titanic wave the second time they visit the beach.
  • After the wave, all's peaceful. The Lord was watching in secret, is impressed, and grants the party magic slippers.
  • The magic slippers allow them to walk on water. Qura ventures out to sea and a water elemental rises up.
  • Qura uses her assortment of spells and channeling to fight against the water elemental, but seems useless.
She uses just about everything they've learned but it's not enough. Eventually, she's forced to return to land.
  • Tyl tries again, this time analyzing the properties of the slippers and extracting detect-water faera.
  • Tyl stumbles across using detect-water with create-air to effectively make their own walk-on-water boots.
In the process they discover that it’s possible to scrape off the bottom; way of extracting moieta from an artifact.
  • In the next fight the party batters the water elemental with their most powerful to date freezing spell. It works.
This is only made possible because of all the delete-heat faera they had managed to collect via attraction.
  • This forces the rogue mage to surface, high on his column of water. Qura creates her own water column.
  • The two sides fight off once again, but the mage is good at evading so the attacks keep missing.
  • Qura and the rogue mage battle. Qura freezes waves into walls of ice, and traps the submerged mage in ice as well.
  • Qura then interrogates the rogue mage, taking his water staff, before telling the Lord of Ersanctil the good news.
  • As a reward, the thankful Lord of Ersanctil provides the party with a riding horse each and free passage to Irisfal.
  1. Use air to move / deflect waves
  2. Freezing people in a block of ice
  3. Stopping waves by freezing them
  4. Process for extraction from artifacts
  5. Direct conditional magic: if A then B
  6. Walking on water

Chapter 43: The Pirates of Irisfal[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • The party's ship is intercepted within sight range of Irisfal's port by a skull ship, and pirates from the faster ship board them.
  • The battle is soon over and the pirates win. Their leader, Jack, is willing to let them leave safely in exchange for Qura.
  • Alarmed, Qura attacks the pirates with her projectile magic but sailors from her own ship bind her and hand her over.
  • The pirates leave with their trophy maiden, and the sailors reach Irisfal. Andar, as party leader, goes to see the magistrate.
  • The pirates disembark at a local island, too close to Irisfal. Jack demands that Qura cast magic but she isn't able to comply.
  • At first Jack thinks Qura's just being disobedient, and so shows her some corpses. Qura tells him what the problem is.
  • She needs materials to cast spells with. The pirates have their own little stash, and Qura shows them how to cast spells.
These spells are all the most basic: throwing potions without the use of spell-catalyst (which they don't have any of).
  • The magistrate hears Andar's story and agrees that the pirates must be stopped, and assigns Stresa's ship to the task.
  • After a short while Andar finds the pirates' hideout, attacks them. To their surprise Stresa's men turn on Andar's party.
  • The magistrate, Stresa and Jack are into it together. The pirates attack using the magic Qura has taught them.
The pirates' magic won’t hold up against the level of magic Tyl possesses, including enchanted bows and basic levitation.
  • Yuna alone manages to escape the trap, and swims back to Irisfal. Andar's team loses badly, until two other magi show up.
  • They have been independently lured here by the hope of learning more magic. Soon they capture and interrogate pirates.
  • A battle of magic breaks out between the pirates and magi and soon enough, between the two magi. The winner then leaves.
The magic the magi use are just way too advanced, including many things Qura had never even dreamed of.
  1. The power of true magic battles
  2. ’Weak Anchoring’ on bow that can come off onto arrow
  3. Primitive levitation using create air w/ each limb

Chapter 44: The Skulls of Irisfal[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Yuna goes to see the magistrate intending to kill him, but instead falls into a trap. (The court has pirate sympathizers.)
  • In jail, Yuna is visited by the magistrate and his daughter Ceratel. The magistrate frees her, explains the situation to Yuna.
  • The magistrate had made a deal with the pirates as long as they kept searching for Ceratel - which they hadn't done.
  • Stresa's ship is dispatched once again, except now they're going after the pirates. Stresa leads them into an ambush.
  • Stresa is actually on the pirate's side. The pirates actually control 3 skull ships. Yuna slays Stresa when she realizes this.
  • Stresa's ship is easily sunk by magic-equipped pirates. Yuna stows away on board a skull ship, killing pirates in secrecy.
  • Eventually Yuna is found out. But the captain turns out to be Andar, whose team has commandeered the ship.
  • Andar tells Yuna of how two other magi interfered, letting him rescue his teammates and get Qura her magic back.
  • After the magi left, the team all used Tyl's magic and won, capturing Jack and using this ship to replace another.
  • The 3 skull ships fired on Stresa's ship, having been tipped off by Stresa via his carrier pigeon.
  • Qura, working on her spells, has developed a ship-puncturing spell. With a few shots she easily sinks the other two ships.
  • As they head back, Qura devises a clothes-drying and a hair-blowing spell.
  • Upon their return to Irisfal, they are all invited to a feast by the repentant magistrate, who is happy to have Ceratel back.
  1. Flare beacon
  2. Wood-puncturing bolt spell
  3. Chilling attacks / hypothermia
  4. System for easily carrying spells

Chapter X: A Battle of Life and Death[]

Planning: 50%% | Writing: 0%%
  • A week later. They arrive in Altariya and seek a tavern. Everyone is talking about rumors of undead to the north.
  • People are stealing in daylight. Andar and Yuna sweep through main street, easily righting this wrong.
  • The guard then arrives and thanks them, inviting the team to a watchtower. The captain gives them a quest to do.
Altariya has had no encounters with the undead, but a cottage to the north has a graveyard that must be purged.
  • FF. Night. The team arrives at the cottage, and snags a corpse dissector.
Qura's made more progress on magic, including combined effect spells and stringing up effects into starscripts.
  • About to be executed, he tells them that he's learning about the body, tells them where to find his macabre notes.
  • The guards tell the villagers to incinerate the corpses, but they resist so the guards force them to do so.
  • FF. Going by sea, they and some guards arrive in one week at another cottage.
  • At the graveyard the undead swarm them but the team fights the skirmish off.
This undead throng is led by a single reanimated mage who can use a variety of projectile spells.
Undead aren't all that easy to kill since you have to break their bones, hence guards using mauls/hammers.
After the team wins the battle they add additional faera to their Irisfalne arsenal. The guards return home.

Chapter X: The Scourge of Detariya[]

Planning: 50%% | Writing: 0%%
  • The party arrives in Ravine. The guards search for anything macabre; people are frantically trying to move out.
There are signs that the place is under siege. People avoid strangers; undead disguised as ladies detonate, etc.
  • At a tavern the party meets a pair, chat and decide to go undead-hunting together.
  • They set off westward. In the woods along the way they run into a few undead and the pair use magic to win.
  • The two sides exchange what they know about magic as they continue toward Eudrine.
The party knows that they'll have to defeat the pair sometime as well, or they'll be at risk too.
Eudrine is under attack by a battalion of undead, including archers and magi, when they arrive.
  • The team joins in the battle, wiping out a hundred undead. Some people however are hurt, even killed.
  • Now very angry, the pair go on the offensive. The party tails them, ready to provide backup if necessary.
  • They didn't know that their magic has caught the attention of another mage, who tailed the pair as well.
  • The party watches in shock as this other mage captures them and forces them to divulge their magical secrets.
  • Andar shoots the mage from afar, and the party frees the pair. However, the mage escapes into the ground.
Qura is able to gain some control-earth faera and logic-related faera in the process.

Chapter X: Dissolution Solution[]

Planning: 50%% | Writing: 0%%
  • The party arrives in the outskirts of Seraphia nearly a week later. In the forest they run into a cult of necromancers.
It's not true high magic. These cultists are merely given control over undead and the related necromantic spell.
  • They barge in and immediately kill the head cultist, spurring the rest into defending themselves using a handful of undead.
  • Battle breaks out; more cultists fall and others escape, while Andar's team has superior magic and suffers no casualties.
  • The party brings news of their actions to the Count of Seraphia. They are rewarded a suit of armor, which goes to Andar.
The temple here houses a "well of dissolution" which contains water (holding a moieta) that can dissolve iron instantly.
This makes it a high priority destination for those wanting to become magi. Qura gets a vial of this magical water.
  • They buy a cheap, old copper sword (w/ green patina), then use the Anchacite to bind the magical water onto the sword.
  • On a hunch, Yuna liberates the animated sword from its scabbard, then uses the green sword to break it in one swipe.
  • Andar then repairs the green sword. When the work is done the green sword now suddenly obeys Mael's verbal command.

Chapter X: Change of Heart[]

Planning: 50%% | Writing: 0%%
  • The party arrives in Memna and meet up with the guards. Together they go on a mission to intercept an undead caravan.
Along the way they have to brave various overgrown critters in the woodland. This allows Qura to collect even more.
The caravan is comprised of a variety of soldiers/spellcasters, living/undead, human/crafted.
The guards are led by the esteemed Elysian, who is able to deflect spells, etc. and easily crushes the opposition.
  • Upon their return the party is treated to a victory celebration. Everyone who participated in the venture is enjoying it.
  • The captain of the guard makes a speech condemning these unscrupulous magi, then they all drink.
The drink is actually a poison that makes them so weak they're helpless. Andar's party is put out of action.
Realizing they've been tricked, Maya unleashes the animated sword on the guard, but Elysian makes swift work of it.
  • The captain reveals his hatred of magi and has them all locked up. Andar picks the lock. Though weak, they escape.
  • Meanwhile, the guard and others cheer the defeat of the magi. That is, until another magi throws the place into tumult.
Fighting breaks out, with the mage putting several people out of action (trapping and killing).
The mage is a master of fire spells, utilizing it to do all sorts of things including protection/attack/smokescreen.
  • The mage and Elysian have a showdown. Elysian wins.

  • Two weeks later. They arrive in Ravine and immediately get mugged but turn the tables w/ magic.
The city is in a rush to prepare for an eventual undead invasion and is in chaos.
  • Immediately they realize the trouble they could get into and run away, with people cursing mages after them.
  • The team learns about the rumors behind the cause of this rise in the undead population.
Coming with them is Merita Pensa.

Chapter X: To Let a Thousand Magi Arise[]

Planning: 25%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Dreamscape
  • Altair and Qura are having a honeymoon at Tareau when they're attacked by rogue magi who are defeated.
  • Altair interrogates the rogue magi and discovers that they're drawing their magic on suddenly common staves.
  • Altair binds them to him and has them lead him to the merchant selling these staves. But he's gone.
  • Realizing this may be a challenging hunt, Altair makes twenty copies of himself and they spread out over town.
  • By evening none of them have found the merchant but each reports widespread chaos caused by new magi.
  • ???

Chapter X: Reunion[]

Planning: 25%% | Writing: 0%%
  • Dreamscape
  • Qura says she wants to meet her family again. The trio fly to Aeutaril, enjoying the scenery.
  • A few hours later they have arrived. The Saras are shocked to see how far Qura has come.
Qura is now as successful as her parents could dream of her becoming - AND she gets to have it her way!
  • Only now has Intael finally returned from Iutarru, and gathering his allies, comes to seek retribution.
  • The Loiras demand Qura be returned to them and speak badly of whoever snatched Qura from Intael.
This of course makes Altair angry but he keeps it to himself until after the Loiras claim they'll kill "that person".
Then Altair reveals himself and the Loiras are suddenly terrified and apologize profusely, running away.
  • Altair gives the family a bride-gift - a royal haircomb and a decorative scroll with his writing on it.

Chapter X: To Reveal One's Magic[]

Planning: 100%% | Writing: 0%%

They show it to others - bad move.
  • Moments later they are ambushed by two groups of bandits after this trophy. Both are defeated.
The former demands a fair, 1 on 1 fight. Triel fights their leader, slicing right through sword and armor, and killing him.
Mael's animated sword strikes down the latter. Without full armor, the bandits are no match for a magical blade.
Feeling generous, the team allows the bandits to flee, then set off for Intorna (for northward shipping).
  • A mage intercepts them and with control of the air, prevent them from moving. Then he proceeds to interrogate.
This bout of magic spreads through Aureil rapidly and gets the attention of one of the undercover magi there.
  • Qura is about to talk but Tira says the mage will surely kill them when he's done. The interrogation continues.
  • In response the mage uses the air to suffocate Tira to death. The team watches on helplessly and agonizingly.
  • Qura lies, saying magic must be demonstrated, not described, and so the mage allows her alone to move.
  • Qura demonstrates blinding magic to the mage, beats and ties him up, then figures out how to liberate the others.
  • The tables are turned on the mage, who is tortured into spilling his secrets before being executed.
Triel and Mael know the danger of letting the mage live. Charmel is opposed. Qura "trusts in Triel's judgment".
They're surprised by Qura's words. The mage pleads for life but Triel cuts his neck off. ("Die like a man, murderer.")
  • A funeral for Tira. This is truly the part where Qura loses her innocence about the world of magic.