Many chronological systems exist on the planet Koneth. The system that will be used in this wiki is the system in use by historians in the Eight Kingdoms. For common purposes, various systems are in use even in the Eight Kigndoms, but historians date from the date of Federation that formed the Union of the Four Kingdoms (which later became the Eight Kingdoms). Dates before this are marked as BF (Before Federation) while those after are marked as FE (Federation Era).

The year today is 874 FE

Other common systems include:

  • Year of the Faith - in use by the God-Deniers. It dates from the Revelation by the prophet He-Sees-Truth, establishing their faith. 1 YF (Year of the Faith) is equal to 145 BF in the Eight Kingdoms system. Years before then are marked as YI (Year of Ignorance), with the year 1 YF also being 7000 YI (7459 YI becomes 1 YF on Revelation Day). Dates before 1 YI are counted as YIn (Year of Innocence), with the year preceding 1 YI being 3287 YIn. It was believed that in the year 1 YI, the demons began deceiving humanity, causing them to fall away from their original innocence and turn away from the God, until 7000 years later the truth was once again revealed. Years before 1 YIn were not counted, as it was believed that that was the moment of creation.

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