Overall, Koneth tends to be cooler than our world. Due to the smaller size of its continents, there tends to be fewer deserts and other arid regions.

There are no land masses near the polar regions. This causes the over all sea level to be higher, due to the lack of any land on which to form ice sheets. This also means that the sea level is more steady, and has been ever since the Far Continent began its flight away from the North Pole.

However, this also causes climate changes to be more extreme. On a planet like Earth, the growth of ice sheets causes less land to be exposed to weathering, reducing the rate at which carbon dioxide is removed from the air, thereby counteracting the cooling. The planet is currently in a phase of growing ice sheets over the polar seas. It is possible that it will enter a period of uncontrolled glaciation in a few hundred thousand years.

Despite this coolness, near the equator, there are still jungles and swamps, including much of the Southern Continent