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Cloak frigate
Tag(s) Frigate
Purpose(s) Cloaking
General statistics HP: 110,000
Max armament(s) 4x Kinetic bullets
2x Burst laser turret
Max complement(s) 4x Kinetic drive
2x Gravitic drive
2x Full spectrum sensor array
1x Cloaking field generator
Miscellaneous notes

While lightly armed, the cloak frigate has one asset that is perhaps far more valuable than any weapon: the ability to cloak itself and any nearby ships within a massive spherical field. Allied units within would appear to not be there, while environmental objects such as asteroids would still appear. While the field is large enough for all the ships in a fleet to huddle under a single cloak frigate's field, they would be incredibly compacted and less capable of fighting effectively if they did so.