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CoA of Surea

Coat of Arms of Surea

The Coat of arms of Surea consists in the sam-taeguk symbol present on the national flag surrounded by five stylized bit ring petals and a ribbon bearing the inscription "The Republic of Surea" (Jupon Minggukku), the official name of the country, in Honju characters. The colours of the sam-taegeuk represents the harmony between Heaven, Earth and Humanity. The sam-taegeuk itself represents the national religion of Surea and also the sun (as in the meaning of the Surea name). The Red colour of the ribbon represent the spirit of Surean people to defend their country, while the blue colour of the five petals represent the peace between each individual citizens. The five petals all have meaning and are related to Surea's national flower (Cherry Blossom). It was adopted in 1966.

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