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The Collins Valley is the name given to a region of the Georgeland state of West Mainland, located in the state's east on the north-western coast of the Bay of Lyle. The major population centre of the region is the city of Skelton. The region has a total population of 164,356 according to the 2002 census.


The region takes its name from the Collins River, Georgeland's second-longest. Though the river begins in the Shanthi Ranges, the Collins Valley is generally considered to be that section of land bordered to the north by the Shepparton Hills and to the south by the Banford Range, which stretches along the Bay of Lyle across the East Mainland border.

Cities and towns[]

The only settlement in the region classified as a "city" is Skelton, with a population of 42,000 (2007 est). There are a number of smaller settlements, including the historic towns of Watford, York, Harcroft and Virginia.