The Concorrl are a peaceful species native to the planet of Concorus, located in the Dendrius galaxy. They are known for their peaceful way of life and their international unity. They are currently locked in a war with the Empire of Imperia.


As are many species, the early Concorrl were nomads, travelling from place to place finding food whenever they could. Unlike many others, however, they quickly realised that working in a big group would give them much better lives and a more efficient society. In consequence, they quickly formed larger tribes and eventually nations.

Very rarely did any of these nations come to blows. The species had evolved to be very peaceful and so disputes were rare. This meant that the nations could progress quickly. They also saw great advantage in trading with other nations, which began to take place throughout the continents.

Over time the nations began developing more efficient methods. Soon, a period of industrialization began, and the planet's technology soared. It was during this era that the Invasion of Concorus took place. However, the invasion was unsuccessful, and in fact gave the Concorrl the final technology they needed to make the push into space.

Since their first space mission, they have established good communications with many of the nearby civilizations, particularly after trading Hyperspace technology with the First Segment. Since then, they have also repeatedly condemned the Empire of Imperia's actions, and when they were ignored they declared war against the Duelliki. Despite their late start, the Concorrl have made significant progress in weakening the Empire and continue to advance. They pose a serious threat to the Duelliki to this day.

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