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The Confederate Marine Corps was a branch of the Confederate Military operating alongside the Confederate Army, Confederate Navy, and Confederate Intelligence. It operated independently of all of those other branches, though.

This semi-autonomous, elite organization commanded by the Marine Command was renowned throughout the Velara Galaxy for its efficiency and high-tech equipment. Marines were often called when in a need of well-trained, specialized troopers capable of defeating even significantly superior (in the terms of quantity) enemy forces.




  • Besieged
  • The Exile
  • Total War
  • The Continent
Type Elite, specialized forces
Leader(s) Marine Command
Headquarters Despayer
  • Despayer (Headquarters)
  • Some other worlds of the Confederacy (Garrisons)
Formed from
  • Chadian Army
  • Iliard Republic's Army
Founding Year 1
Fragmentation Year 1898
Restoration Year 1901
Affiliation Confederacy of Iliard