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The Confederate Navy, also known as Confederate Starfleet was the naval branch of the Confederate Military. At its peak, it fielded thousands of warships, logistics vessels and fighters, maintaining Confederate control over the Iliard Arm.

It was formed from Chadian and Iliard Republic's Navies shortly after the establishment of the Confederacy. The command structure, consisting of 6 High Admirals and a Supreme Commander oversaw the rapid expansion of the fleet over the following years, a courtesy of many wars that ravaged the galaxy.

The Navy was temporarily fragmented in Year 1898 after a few years of the Machine Purge, which almost purified the galaxy of all living beings. It was eventually fully restored 3 years later and played a part in defeating the powerful forces of the Robots.

Confederate Navy was one of the most formidable militaries ever assembled, being on par with the Goa'tzhul Empire's battlefleet, but still far less powerful than the massive Hypersteel Armada.



Ship classes[]

Capital ships[]

Support ships[]




  • Besieged
  • The Exile
  • Total War
  • The Continent
Type Starfleet
  • Supreme Commander
  • High Admirals
Headquarters Despayer
  • Despayer (Headquarters)
  • All other worlds of the Confederacy (Local fleets)
Formed from
  • Chadian Navy
  • Iliard Republic's Navy
Founding Year 1
Fragmentation Year 1898
Restoration Year 1901
Affiliation Confederacy of Iliard