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The Conservative Party of Georgeland's election to replace Sam Richardson as leader took place on May 6, 2006. The party's Administrative Committee announced the election date on April 20. The election was won by Luke Macaulay, who became leader the same day/

Declared candidates[]

  • Luke Macaulay. The party's acting leader is considered the overwhelming front-runner in any contest. Young, dynamic, electable and moderate, Macaulay was considered by many as the best person to lead the party to an electoral victory. However, his liberalism prompted the right-wingers to find another candidate, as leadership elections in Georgeland are rarely unopposed. Macaulay nevertheless was able to secure victory by a substantial, but not overwhelming, margin.
  • Mary Byrne. The former leader announced her candidacy on April 25, declaring she was the best person to carry on Richardson's policy agenda.
  • James Bradford. The Manager of Opposition Business and Shadow Home Affairs spokesman was an outsider candidate. His candidacy split the right-wing vote and allowed Macaulay to win easily. Bradford was appointed Shadow Treasurer in a conciliation gesture to the right-wing of the party.

Potential candidates[]

  • Nick Sheridan. The far-right winger has long desired the party leadership, but has been hampered by his controversial comments on womens' issues, gay rights and abortion. Sheridan would not necessarily have the support he needs to mount a serious leadership campaign, after he resigned the deputy leadership in 2004. He did not declare any intent to run.
  • Madeline Woods: Considered unlikely to run, especially against Macaulay, the 29 year-old MP has often been spoken of as leadership material. In 2006 she supported Macaulay.

Declined to run[]

  • John Sutherland: While still eligible to lead the party, even though he is a Senator, Sutherland announced on April 28 he would not seek to become the party's leader on this occasion. Sutherland is considered a front-runner to become the party's Senate leader.
  • Martin Higgins: The shadow Deputy Prime Minister ruled himself out on April 27. He was appointed deputy leader of the party and Shadow Defence minister after the ballot had been completed.