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Article One: Executive government

Article Two: Legislature

Article Three: Judiciary

Article Four: States

  • Section One: States do not have limitless jurisdiction over civil rights.
    • Subsection A: States have jurisdiction over civil rights not outlined in this constitution or federal law passed by Senate.
  • Section Two: States may pass non-binding laws respecting a religious establishment.
    • Subsection A: No person may be forced to abide by or enforce these laws.
  • Section Three (Civil Instructions Act):
    • Subdivision A: All federal, state, county, city and civil institutions shall be required to abide by the provisions of this constitution, and shall not decline any obligated title.
    • Subdivision B: States of the Atlion Republic shall not disobey the Constitution of Atlion. State constitutions may not override this constitution, and may not make unreasonable or corruptible maneuvers to sway itself around the provisions of this constitution.

Article Five: Bill of Rights

  • The Eight Inalienable Rights. This constitution entitles legal citizens of the Republic to the following eight basic and inalienable rights, which shall never be infringed, altered, or restricted by any government.
    1. Freedom of speech
    2. Freedom of expression
    3. Freedom of opinion
    4. Freedom of the press
    5. Freedom of thought
    6. Freedom of assembly
    7. Freedom of religion
    8. Freedom of movement and travel
  • Rights of the Accused. Anyone accused of a crime, be it a felony or misdemeanor, shall be entitled to the following protections:
    • Suspects shall have the right to remain silent.
    • Suspects shall have the right to not incriminate themselves.
    • Suspects shall have the right to legal representation.
    • Suspects shall have the right to a fair trial in front of a jury.
    • Suspects shall have the right to be spared cruel and unusual punishment.
    • Suspects shall remain innocent until proven guilty.
    • Government, law enforcement, or any sanctioned institution shall not search the person or property of any other without a warrant.

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