Administrators (also known as sysops or admins), are editors on the Constructed Worlds Wiki that have access to certain actions unavailable to normal registered and anonymous contributors. They have the power to delete/undelete pages, protect (lock/unlock) pages, change the features and appearance of the wiki, and block/unblock users. Bureaucrats are a special class of administrators who have the additional power of promoting and demoting users (to bureaucrat, admin, chat moderator, or other groups). Unique to this wiki, there are assistants that can move files, change the features and appearance of the wiki, and delete/undelete pages.

Administrative staff


These administrators have been active (have edited or logged on) within the last 3 months and are most likely able to respond to any requests or issues when necessary. If you need help, have a question, or are unsure about a certain issue, contact one of the administrators below.

Bold indicates a bureaucrat.


*Founder of the wiki


There are some inactive assistants.

Chat moderators

Admins and assistants are also chat moderators.

How do I become an admin?

In order to become an administrator, you must be promoted by a bureaucrat. Generally, an administrator is needed to maintain and protect the integrity of the wiki. If you have only made 100 edits and been on the wiki for 2 months, you are very unlikely to be a contender for adminship. Experienced, positive contributors who have proactively made the wiki a better place through their edits and time are more likely to be recognized and promoted. Edit count has NO bearing on adminship but dedication and persistently well-qualified contributions may improve your standing. However, if your request for adminship is rejected, you can continue contributing the wiki in a meaningful way by helping the administrators combat vandalism, resolve disputes, and cleanup pages. Help make the wiki a better place, admin or not!

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