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Copyright is law set by governments to restrict flow of information, not allowing people to sing each others songs, create replicas of artwork, or recreate famous movie scenes. Copyright is heavily disputed in The Net and has become a major part of the Great Flame War.


The Copyright Symbol, marked on anything "protected" by copyright.


In Reality[]

Copyright was the law that one's creation belongs to the creator, usually referring to an art piece or music. The "Statute of Anne" was the first copyright act, stating that the creator of a piece of work is granted copyright for 14 years. The 1886 Berne Convention established the recognition of Copyright in foreign nations, and established that a piece of work/art/music is protected and the creator given rights, until copyright expires.

On The Net[]

Corps and major entertainment companies attempt to use Copyright to take over culture on The Net. While most companies use it appropriately, the greed of several companies had affected The Net so greatly it is against copyright to even lipsync to copyrighted songs, or play such songs in the background of videos. By the end of 2008, Youtube has been taken over by the Copyright law, and copyright is playing a major role in the Great Flame War. The Pirates, a subculture on The Net, is dedicated to fighting copyright by distributing free music, movies and games restricted by copyright. Their "capital, Pirate Bay, is used as a base and hideout for those fighting against copyright. Recently, four founders of the domain Pirate Bay have been arrested and convicted in Reality for violating Copyright.

List of Companies Enforcing Copyright[]

  • FOX
  • Disney
  • Warner Music Group

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