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The Corioles Islands

The Corioles is a Faelish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, about XXX km (XXX mi) from Lisbon and about XXX km (XXX mi) from the southeast coast of Iceland. The main industries are tourism, sheep herding for wool, and fishing.

The six major Coriole islands extend for nearly 20 miles and lie in a northwest-southeast orientation. The limited extent of the islands defines an exclusive economic zone of XXX km2 (XXX sq mi). All of the islands have volcanic origins. The mountain of XXX on Pilgrim Island, at 1,351 ft in altitude, is the highest of all the islands. The archipelago forms a protectorate of the F.S.F., the only unincorporated territory of the country.

Because these once uninhabited, remote islands were settled sporadically over a span of three centuries, their culture, dialect, cuisine and traditions vary considerably from island to island. Farming and fishing are key industries that support the Coriolean economy. Approximately 20,000 Corioles live within the archipelago’s XX square miles.