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Council of Ministers is the legislature of United Kingdom of Arab Emirates. It consists of 11 ministers and 35 emirs. All members are chosen by the King of UKAE. As supreme leader, the king is both head of state and head of government. The Council of Ministers must have their laws approved by the king, and the king can pass his own laws.

Members =[]

Ministry Minister
Agricultural Harith Shareef
Commerce Zaid Ommar
Communication and Information Technology Rashid Khatib
Cooperatives Akram Yaseen
Culture and Islamic Guidance Fakih Shahriar
Defense and Armed Forces Logistics Essam Zaid
Economy and Financial Affairs Yasir Mohammad
Education Nasih Qasim
Energy Kadar Khalil
Foreign Affairs Hamzah Jabir
Health and Medical Education Fouad Salah
Housing and Urban Development Ammar Hussain
Industries Gamal Abdullah
Intelligence Munir Bari
Interior Nabil Aziz
Justice Wakil Hadad
Labour and Social Affairs Rafiq Essa
Petroleum Adham Turk
Roads and Transportation Hisham Mahmoud
Science, Research, and Technology Alim Naser
Welfare and Social Security Qasim Ahmed