The country of Atavya is divided into 42 counties, each with a similar degree of self-governance. Each county has a specific town known as the County Seat, which is where the county is governed from.

Types of County

There are three types of county of Atavya, which is determined by certain criteria.

  • Metropolitan County - A metropolitan county is a county formed around a city, like the county of Greater London in England is formed from the urban area of London. At present, there are just four Metropolitan Counties: Garashul, Tuvärd, Mossolët and Elekkveled. In addition, the sister cities of Tulep and Deneț form the shared county of Tulep-Deneţ, which, although it shares many of it's characteristics with a Metropolitan County, as it is centred around two cities instead of one, it is considered a Ceremonial County.
  • Ceremonial County - A Ceremonial County is the most common type of county. It usually is a mixture of urban and rural land, often housing a number of substantial towns and small cities.
  • Rural County - Rural Counties are most common in the East and South of the County. They often cover a vast area of predominantly rural farmland or mountains. The populations of Rural Counties are often very low and sparse.

List of Counties

Number County Population County Seat Type of County
1 Viletvärdmend 155,600 Viltevärd Ceremonial County
2 Zonşegmend 221,802 Zonşeg Ceremonial County
3 Nysek 234,331 Şanzärd Ceremonial County
4 Evas 173,008 Zelep Henrërr Ceremonial County
5 Garashul 1,421,010 Garashul Metropolitan County
6 Delsään Vest 554,201 Ogonţ Ceremonial County
7 Delsään Ysoor 410,100 Sobòr Legett Ceremonial County
8 Şonell 666,839 Lurkod Ceremonial County
9 Tuvärd 800,321 Tuvärd Metropolitan County
10 Sòvärdmend 1,022,022 Sòvärd Ceremonial County
11 Tulep-Deneţ 1,304,941 Deneț Ceremonial County
12 Pinnoş 701,395 Alçessent Ceremonial County
13 Ëretmend Kileny 141,200 Polojed Ceremonial County
14 Ëretmend Nòrd 291,210 Ëret Ceremonial County
15 Pireşymend 536,309 Pireşy Ceremonial County
16 Galaţel Ky 209,566 Ky Ceremonial County
17 Lumbòlc 389,756 Yndan Ceremonial County
18 Nanikmend 202,011 Nanik Ceremonial County
19 Tolossen 155,501 Lecetteg Ceremonial County
20 Ò Zemzër 65,101 Inzòr Ceremonial County
21 Mossolët 203,331 Mossolët Metropolitan County
22 Elekkveled 229,095 Elekkveled Metropolitan County
23 Galaţel Centr 132,044 Galaţel Krojsòr Ceremonial County
24 Manzvòrd Zäärzy 22,011 Terpy Rural County
25 Manzvòrd Nòrd 12,306 Kojzen Rural County
26 Kobrenmend 76,295 Kobren Rural County
27 Ţened 171,091 Ferzen Ceremonial County
28 Raçemend 58,200 Raçem Rural County
29 Girşçmend 223,471 Girşçe Ceremonial County
30 Olek 195,307 Çonveled Ceremonial County
31 Bolòs Ysoor 191,022 Denoj Ceremonial County
32 Bolòs Centr 33,837 Ennedel Rural County
33 Bolòs Vest 51,100 Yngrejjet Ceremonial County
34 Angçòrmend 66,217 Angçòr Ceremonial County
35 Lelemend 24,412 Sondec Rural County
36 Kòrdòbamend 100,218 Kòrdòba Rural County
37 Gabast 182,800 Lece Ceremonial County
38 Tennekeres 15,022 Pedem Rural COunty
39 Pasanë 17,020 Pasana Rural County
40 Bejelesemend 7,022 Udyn Rural County
41 Boş 17,862 Gite Rural County
42 Doznenest 5,745 Malad Rural County
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